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April 19, 2007 @4:05 PM

blogging seems to be essential in the midst of revision, if not I'll probably faint, suffocate, bored to death or simply jump down 5 storey to ease the pain. Reading notes is such a chore. Why can't they add more graphics and make it into a nice book for easy reading.

aki construction is tough. even if its goin to be open book. even if i had bought the book. even if i had hightlighted the terms. even if i had tagged the chapters. i still feel kinda hopeless.

been looking for jobs. hope to start right after exams. sales, admin, customer service, receptionist, data entry, anything! willing to work on weekends, retail hrs, anytime anywhere in the east n central. any lobangs pls don't forget me!

also looking for gary cao ge's songs. can someone pls give me all the titles? I know the songs but not the titles. thanks!

last post from me here. either i have started a new blog or i have died from illness, financial crisis, overshopping, exams agony or anything u can think of, if you don't hear from me again.

April 08, 2007 @2:01 AM



For the first 5 days of the wk i've been surviving on 4hrs of slp each day n finally a 45min slp on the 5th day. YES! I had my last design submission for year 1 on THURS!


Imagine sleeping at 5am, waking up at 8am, washed up, start ur panels n models and all the way till dinner time for ur first meal of the day! then slogged ur way till the wee hours, seeing ur grandmother waking up at 4am, then mother's turn to wake up, then ur turn to sleep!

yes! one meal per day! I didnt know I could do it!! hahahhaa!!

Every second was precious. I walked so fast ard the hse to save time, eat so fast to save time, bathe so fast to save time. and im only staying in a 4 room flat! hahaa! I took cab to sch 5 times last wk, not to save time la, coz alot of models n stuffs to bring to sch....

thats nearly 100 bucks!

On wed was crazy. I was left with 27 hrs for 3 panels and it takes me 8 hrs per panel. i worked all the way till thurs 3.30pm and chiong cab to sch to submit at 4pm! I didnt even bother to tidy my hair.. took some pins to settle my hair on the cab.

The studio was in a mess! Everyone rushing here n there, walking so fast everywhere! they made me more gan chiong lah!!

Karen Mok's Mei Shi Jian is a popular hit in the studio during submission times! hahaha dunno which idiot always play that song so loudly that all the 9 studios can hear from afar!

Mei shi jian, wo mei shi jian!


OOOOOOOHHHHH I LOVE AKI TO BITSS!!!!!!! Such experience is really beyond words!

Studio 4 outing after submission failed. Everyone was too tired to go for outing. haha! sucks! Unlike the garang Ex studio 4 rocks! Why am i always in studio 4!

Anyway, I had such a good rest after thurs! teeheehee! I dunno why but i am just so proud to have slept 9hrs, and was awaken only by a call. then on fri night.. i slept for 12 hrs!!! yes! I woke up at 1pm today!! wahahahaha! Thats how tired I am! And im so proud to wake up at 1pm! hahahahaa!!!!

I feel so free this wkend!!!

I was so happy to go orchard to shop on fri! purely shopping!!! PURELY SHOPPING!!! SO FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I feel so aimless all of a sudden!!! I begin to organise outings!!! LOL!!!! BUT MY FRIENDS ARE STUDYING FOR EXAMS!!!

Muahahahhaa!!! Im sorry for being so mean, but you guys are sleeping when im sloggin my ass off!


Crit is on MONDAY!! BLESS ME, dudes! I don wanna be blasted!!! I know my boatstation have many loopholes but pls pls pls overlook them!!! I hope my presentation can and will pull my grades up!

my studio kena a crit panel that is heavenly weird. Canadian born chinese Alan Woo, who goes all out for creativity, hates rectilinear and loves 3D, V.S. local architect cum history crazy Chee Kian, who is so old-minded that no one can beat him in orbiangism. Of course, the last in the panel, our dear Ju Meng, a Mr nice husband but not that perfect tutor, who adores european architecture and finds everything else interesting.

People say Alan is bias towards pretty girls and very much into presentation style.

Chee kian... no one cares.

Ju Meng... seriously as his student for one semester, i still dunno what he wants !

Ah. Bless me!

I will then worry about my exams after the crit! Heh! This sem's modules are terribly horrible!

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