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May 31, 2006 @11:33 AM

I just want to waste my time blogging for now because I still cant tally the figures for January. Im damn bloody irritated with numbers, with this place, with these people, with this job! Just 2 more days and I'll say GOOD BYE, TAKE CARE, ALL THE BEST. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh. Pardon me for the following boring context.


I worked for only an hour on Mon. It wasn't planned. I tried to clean my contact lens with Mary's solution but it got worse, so I threw away my right lens. With a clear vision only on the left, I figured that it was a gd opportunity to take leave and so I did. I reached home by 11am and rested till the evening.

Zirui and I headed to the Singapore Art Museum for the cocktail party cum exhibition hosted by NUS Architecture. The exhibition, Still (Want to Matter), is a compilation of hypothetical projects dealing with materiality of art spaces and the dialogue between old and new. The students were to design the future of the Old Supreme Court and City Hall. We were taken on a tour to see their models and boy, it was awesome! Every part of a model is designed n planned in detailed with supported reasons, like to bring out the style of a famous architect or to follow by the theme. It was never to be indifferent or unique. What I've learnt was that every design is already unique on its own, what is more in depth is the reason behind the idea and the style that it brings out. Moreover, like what the Dean had said, architecture is beyond books. We can study everywhere because no place on Earth has no architecture. Unlike a dentist where the mouth is all they see, architects have the world to explore. Well, that was a joke he often crack to his dentist friend but I thought it made some sense to a certain extent. Anyway, there was also a prize ceremony for some outstanding year 1s. I've seen their models and couldn't agree further that they really have the brains for architecture.

That night, I was very inspired to design and make models that are good enough to be showcased in the exhibition next year. Yuting, Gambatte!


I took leave again on Tue because it was a rare chance to watch a cheap movie and savour cheap Billy Bombers with Bi Zui Seah. Oh yes, here's sth you wont believe. Leather Ark, Tinkerbell and Challenger opened their flagship stores at EASTPOINT MALL! I've never thought that I'd see familiar brands in Eastpoint hahaha! Whats more, a new n cheap jap food store opened beside Aji Ichiban! I bet there'll be more surprises in time to come at Eastpoint Mall! WATCH OUT!!! I'll update you guys!

Heh Heh :D


Im looking forward to next
Monday ;) Mama suggested going JB with us but I refused! I was there just 3 days ago! So the plans for Mon is back to sq 1, hurray! Im shopping like a mad woman these days, but who cares! Im happy! Uh, I'll be distributing flyers for a car exhibition this weekend at Suntec. I hope I'll earn enough for next week's shopping.


Good. I've spent quite some time blogging. Its time for lunch now. Ciao!

May 28, 2006 @6:51 PM

I had a great time with Gina, Rebecca and Yenyah at JB yesterday! We shopped at City Plaza (or City Sq?) the whole afternoon! Yenyah was amazed by the amount of time we could spent there! Wahaha, never underestimate us, girl! We rested our legs at Secret Recipe over lunch and boy, it was only half the price of that in sg! Ha! I love cheap good foods :) Not to forget my fried ice cream before lunch, yummy yummy!

Yen yah's house was cosy. I love her gates! Haha! We chatted in her room (with the tj yrbook as reference!) before her family drove us to a hawker nearby. IKAN BAKAR! That was what we had for dinner. I got quite high over it initially coz I didnt know what was that until dinner. Basically its BBQ fish. Simple it may sound, I think it taste good! I enjoyed the dinner with her family :)

Shopping wise, well, pretty good! I mean, for someone who can even find things to buy in Eastpoint, whats so challenging about JB right? wahahaha! I've got a Mango half-jacket, small lil' bottle of korean perfume and a pair of heels. Oh, Converse there was cheap! I bought their World Cup England razor back for myself n another England tee for him. I saved about $18 by buying from JB's Converse instead! :)

I'm glad to see many of my friends these days! First was muskebbits, then the 3 06 girls. Im going to see Gina again in 30 min because we're going kBox with Ivan, Lun n David! Hurray!! I hope to see more guitar peeps at Sentosa next wk, more 06 friends at the coming gathering on the 10th and more late night shopping trips with Jasmin in the coming weeks! I miss all my friends!! Its time to do some catching up!

So to any friend of mine, if u are readin this and if u don't mind, drop me an sms, we can go for coffee or sth? Yach, pri sch friends, juniors, seniors, all are welcomed! :):):)

May 27, 2006 @2:50 AM

I didnt know crush calculator (see previous post) would be so well-received! I thought u guys will find it childish n give it a miss. Don't you think it sounds similar (or as attractive?) to the lovecalculator.com we used to play in our pri sch days? Nevertheless, thank you for your participation :) At least now I know of 5 more people who reads Myoue.

For those who haven't try it, what are you waiting for? :)

I met Sandra n Davina for dinner at Bakerzin.

I love this Bacon Ham Mushroom Flaky Pizza!

The Chicken Spagehtti was boring.

Sandra's Iced Choc Mint. Thick choc with real mint leaves, cool.

The Tiramisu that made me drunk.

Davina's Desire.



It was 6.45pm at the Orchard Mrt station today when I felt the heat coming. Man, its H-O-T. I didn't expect it to be so crowded on a Friday evening! Whats going on in Orchard Road!?

Ta-da! Its the Great Singapore Sale!

GUESS was having a sale but the place was so messy that I can't be bothered to take a second look.

Not much sale was going on at The Heerens.

Robinsons at Centrepoint had great offers during their late night special. M)phosis slashed their prices by 50% but I couldn't find the off-shoulder top that I had been eyeing for. A handbag caught my attention but I didn't buy it 'cause that would be impulsive buying.

Wisma Atria looks dead from the outside at 10+pm but It was exactly the opposite inside. 15% storewide discount from Bebe doesn't interest me. Hello, its 15%, not 50%, so why the big font at your window?

Warehouse have a special 15% off for midnight shoppers and at some corner, their clothes were having 20%-50% sale at all times.

The best would be Topshop. 20% off storewide for midnight shoppers! The queue was ridiculously long at the cashier for both levels. Some of their items were having huge discounts too, but I was too lazy to queue for the fitting room. I got quite high seeing those slashed prices and cheapo crowd.

Many other shops at Wisma were having late night shopping maddness too but we couldn't conquer them all as we had to leave for the last train home. Thats the problem when you don't have a driving license and car but I'll not give up, there's always Night Rider to bring me home. For now, I shall anticipate the next shopping trip with Jasmin!

So today, I got home w/o spending a cent at the shops but defintely not empty-handed. Thank you bitsies for your gifts! I felt like it was my birthday ;} I'm so looking fwd to our KL trip!


I'll be going JB in 7 hours time. I hope I'll have a fruitful shopping trip at the end of the day. However, I'm sure I'll have a great time spend with the company. Cheers!

May 26, 2006 @12:10 PM

Crush Calculator. Try it, its accurate! :)

May 25, 2006 @6:10 PM

Click on the title to go to the official website.

Starting from 27 May - 24 July, these 8 weeks of shopping madness awaiting you! Also check out the schedule of the LATE NIGHT SHOPPING below! Its time to shop till you drop!

26 May (Friday)
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre - Till 12 midnight
Centrepoint Shopping Centre - Till 11 pm
Plaza Singapura - Till 11 pm

27 May (Saturday)
Tangs - Till 12 midnight
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre - Till 12 midnight
Centrepoint Shopping Centre - Till 11 pm
Plaza Singapura - Till 11 pm

2 June (Friday)
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre - Till 12 midnight
Raffles City Shopping Centre - Till 12 midnight

3 June (Saturday)
DFS Galleria Scottswalk - Till 11 pm
Wisma Atria Shopping Centre - Till 12 midnight
Marina Square Shopping Mall - Till 12 midnight

9 June (Friday)
DFS Galleria Scottswalk - Till 11 pm
Bugis Junction - Till 12 midnight
Millenia Walk - Till 11 pm

10 June (Saturday)
CityLink Mall - Till 12 midnight
Suntec City Mall - Till 1 am

16 June (Friday)
Bugis Street - Till 12 midnight

17 June (Saturday)
Bugis Street - Till 12 midnight

24 June (Saturday)
Tangs - Till 12 midnight

@12:46 PM

Sometimes I really hate typing tons of lifeless figures in Excel.
Sometimes I really love to tie the sums single-handedly.
Sometimes I really hate to find the missing dollar.
Sometimes I really love my working hours.
Sometimes I really hate to see or hear from Sai Gek.
Sometimes I really love slacking my time away in the office.
Sometimes I really hate myself for saying too much.
Sometimes I really love the food available around my office.
Sometimes I really hate to lie that I have camps to attend in June.
Sometimes I really love the money that comes in bi-weekly.

Sometimes I wonder if Sai Gek or doing bank recon was the reason that put me off. Initially, I dislike the way the company functions. Everyone is doing everything! Nobody was assigned a specific duty to be in charged of. A real life example would be me - I'm an admin assistant doing accounts. You can imagine the mess when different individuals do things their own way. Yet to think about it, who am I to be bothered about all these? Im just a temp, doing the least work compared to anyone else here, earning what they promised to give me and that's it! My life is peaceful in this lil' corner. However, I can't stand it when you asked me to clear the accounts that was ONE YEAR AGO.


Fine. I can throw all the problems to Sai Gek because they are far too cheem for a 18 yr old A'level graduate w/o accounting background, so theoretically there's nth for me to grumble. Yet I just can't stand the fact that the accounts were lagging by ONE WHOLE YEAR AND COUNTING! Don't you think that is very serious??

It is obviously that Sai Gek can't manage her heavy workload and by employing a temp like me doesn't solve the problem. Please, they need another accountant, or at least, someone who can help Sai Gek efficiently.

So, is it Sai Gek, accounts or the company's system (or rather, lack of system) that's putting me off?! Either one, two or three, I'll be leaving after next week.

I can't wait. I really can't wait for next Friday to come.

Sometimes I wonder if the problem lies in me. Is the working world supposed to be this way? Am I supposed to learn to adapt to such an environment? Should I be thinking so much? :/

May 22, 2006 @5:34 PM

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. dont read the questions before you write, and tag 5 pple to do this survey.

1. Jasmin
2. Jiawei
3. Lingna
4. Hui Chin
5. Jasmine
6. Gina
7. Sandra
8. Davina
9. Ivan Ong
10. Rebecca
11. Qilun
12. David
13. Mary
14. Matthew
15. Jeremy
16. Shao Qi
17. Mark
18. Serene
19. Roy
20. Ivan Chia

How did you meet 14? [Matthew] We were in the same class since sec3.

What would you do if you never met 1? [Jasmin] Ha! Thats pretty obvious. I wouldnt have attended guitar practices in sec sch and gone expo sales so often these years.

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated? [the 2 Ivans] I'll laugh out REAL LOUD. Ivan n Ivan :)

Did you ever like 19? [Roy] Haha! Hahahaha! PLS LAH!

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple? [Gina n Mark] I think they have to know each other first. Mayb Mary n Mark can work out ;)

Describe 3. [Lingna] Always so understanding. Always so considerate. Always so pretty. A blessing to be her friend (",)

Do you think 8 is attractive? [Davina] Thou petite in size but big at heart! A thoughtful girl who shares selflessly. She has big attractive eyes n is very photogenic! With both inner n external beauty, how can she be not attractive?

Tell me something about 7. [Sandra] A very creative Muskebbit who nv fail to surprise people! She's a very good team player too! I love my Muskebbits!

Do you know any of 12's family? [David] I know he has a younger sis n elder bro. Heard a lil' bout his family long ago. thats all.

What's 8's favourite? [Davina] Rainie Yang Cheng Ling?

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you? [Qilun] Seems like all those who did this quiz put their brothers as no.11. Anyway, I'll slap him. hahaha! kidding lah, I'll just beat him up.

What language does 15 speak? [Jeremy] Greek. duh. Mandarin n English lah.

Who is 9 going out with? [Ivan Ong] a girl who looks familiar. ;)

How old is 16 now? [Shao Qi] Mentally 10. Muahaha!

When was the last time you talked to 13? [Mary] 5min ago, right beside me.

Who's 2 favourite band/singer? [Jiawei] This is tough! M2M and Twins?

Would you date 4? [Hui Chin] Of course! Especially when she becomes nice to ppl every 15min. Haha!

Would you date 7? [Sandra] Yup! Then I'll have lotsa surprises everyday! Love ya! haha!

Is 15 single? [Jeremy] Obvious, right?

What's 10's last name? [Rebecca] eh-oh! Poh, POH!

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 11? [Qilun] Yes, thats if I lose my mind.

What school does 3 go to? [Lingna] NUS.

Where does 6 live? [Gina] Bedok Reservoir, just behind a bus stop, opp a coffee shop. Geddit?

Whats your favourite thing about 5? [Jasmine] Her powderful engrish. =X

I'm tagging Hui Chin, Sandra, Jasmine, Jasmin and Serene! Muahaha.

May 19, 2006 @1:23 PM

For once, the figures tie! I did a summary WITHOUT ANY HELP (yes i must emphasize this!) for July payment and it ties!! Woohoo! I was over the moon when I see 0.00! No more, no less! :)

I think Boss talked to Sai Gek about my resignation. This morning, Sai Gek asked me if I prefer to do agreements or acct and I said A-G-R-E-E-M-E-N-T-S without any hesitation. I know I was being blunt but sorry lah, accounting is really not my cup of tea. Of course, Sai Gek doesnt like my answer but she still told me something very nice.

"If you really cannot do bank recon then you go and do agreement lah, let me do (bank recon) lor" :) :) :) :) :) :)

WAH LAO! SAY THIS EARLIER LAH! THEN YESTERDAY I WOULDNT HAVE TOLD BOSS THAT I WANNA QUIT! Anyway I told her I'll at least finish 2005's bank recon for her. (Yes, 2005. Im supposed to do summary from Jun 05 - Apr 06, which will take me at least 2 months to finish!)

**Tag-board is gone, so pls leave a comment instead! Don't be lazy lah, just one more click only mah, OK? :)

To swtdream-: wait til 2nd Jun and we shall go tanning n visit library @ Orchard :)

@1:01 AM

Wahaha! I'll be unemployed in 2 weeks time! YES! Muahaha. I cant wait for 2nd Jun to come, which is my last day at work 'cause I have plans for so many things to do before school reopens!

  1. I wanna bake more cakes/cookies/tarts and try new recipes!
  2. I wanna read up on architecture. Time to start studying @ Orchard Library again!
  3. I wanna get my engine started. I've forgotten how to study!
  4. I wanna go overseas once more with any of my dear friends!
  5. I wanna spend more time at the gym b4 my membership expires!
  6. I wanna finish my korean dvds!
  7. I wanna pack my room! It is in a disastrous state now.
  8. I wanna get tanned!!!

Those who are unemployed or super free, pls feel free to call me out! Shopping, cooking, sporting, reading, clubbing, tanning - I'm game for anything under the sun!

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May 17, 2006 @11:06 PM

  1. I blog when Im bored. Im very bored these days.
  2. Im doing more/slacking less at work now but I dont enjoy accounting.
  3. Mary said that Bryan is good looking. She also said that he looks like a kangaroo.
  4. I shall use university camps n orientation as an excuse to leave my job by the end of this mth. I repeat, I H-A-T-E ACCOUNTING.
  5. Then I'll be unemployed in June. Where got money to go KL?
  6. Mas bought us a shawl n purse from Bangkok and made me so tempted to shop there.
  7. I wanna be super busy that I'd have no time for meals. Im desperate to lose some weight.
  8. Yet I wanna quit my job. How can I get busy!?
  9. I prefer Architecture. Father supports psychology. I shd send him to a psychologist.
  10. Anyway I doubt my dad will interfere my choice of course this time, but again, I'll never know.

*Lets Pray*

May 16, 2006 @11:01 PM

Sigh. My 2 year-old retro clock from Molecule had spoilt.
The time lag is incorrigible.
So what if it was costly?
So what if it was from Molecule?
It doesnt even have a lifespan longer than a $10 NTUC clock.
This sucks. Im not gonna trust Molecule again.

The good thing is, I can now go on a clock hunt :)
Any recommendations?
I need sth big so that I can read the time when I just woke up.
Im kind of blind in the morning :)

May 15, 2006 @9:20 AM

Its 9.04am now. Hohoho! I must compliment myself for being the first one to reach the office today! Not that I'm always late, but Im usually on the dot and today, Im 11 MINUTES EARLY! *a very satisfied smile* :) Hmm. Its a lil' creepy to be alone in the office and where is Sai Gek? She usually arrives before me... wait. Today is a working day RIGHT!?


Its 4.40pm and Sai Gek is on leave today. Hip Hip Hurray! 3 cheers n 3 cheers n 3 cheers for... me, myself and I!! No bank recon to do today! Woohoo~ I just have to surf friendster, read blogs, check email and maybe, print some HP agreements when I feel like it. Muahahahaha! Life's too good to be true for now :) Alright, since im so free I shall blog about my weekend!


Vesak Day was shopping day, no, window shopping day in fact. I bought neither jeans, heels or handbag. M)PHOSIS was a disappointment, but I still got the cartoon drawing book from TIMES to make my day :) SIgh, I still have lots of things to buy :( Maybe I should practise self ctrl and wait patiently for the coming Great Singapore Sale lah...

The weather ruined our tanning plans on Sat. Before I could leave my bed, Jasmin called me just to tell me about the Metro Sale at Expo. See See See??!?! I knew it! As expected, we went Expo instead, but we still brought along our towels, tanning lotion and toiletries, just in case the sun will b out all of a sudden. Did I mention that we spent 5 long hrs at EXPO?! Wahaha! We tried zillion of clothes like nobody's business and almost spent ~$100 each! Luckily we did some filtration from our shopping bags just b4 we proceed to the counter, that save us 50% of the money we almost gave away. So girls, rem to do F-I-L-T-R-A-T-I-O-N the next time u go shopping! Yup, by the time we left the sale, it was evening and there were no sunshine. Anyway it was pouring while we were at the hall. I love my shopping khaki - Jasmin Tan Wen Li!! Wen li-er~~ still rem?? haha! Cya this coming sat!

When a Stranger Call was scary. The plot was so-so but the scenes always mislead u into thinking that someone will pop up from left, right, front or behind. Basically you pay $8 to sit there and be scared. Nevertheless, I enjoy the accompany and the popcorn! No spills this time, teeheehee! I still miss hot dog bun!

The food at the wedding dinner on Sunday was delicious although the place wasnt classy like a ballroom. It was held at a simple chinese restaurant in Orchid Country Club. I love to attend wedding dinners because it is a great opportunity to dress up and look beautiful! Muahaha. One uncle got drunk and kept match-making me to the bride's brother! The entire episode was hilarious!

Uhhh. I felt so happy for the newly-weds. They look so sweet n blissful! I'd love to organise wedding parties/dinners for couples because it is v interesting! Like how I can help to make their night a memorable n swt one, how to make it special n romantic...

I wanna be a WEDDING PLANNER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmm. I'm knocking off in less than hr. Once again, hip hip hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 12, 2006 @11:40 PM

Hohoho! I've been wanting this since weeks ago! Yeaaaaaaaaaah! Thank you Uncle Seah! I'll practise drawing regularly, trust me! :)
Woohooo~ Can't wait to go tanning with Jasmin in less than 12 hrs. Heh. I wonder what we'll do after that hahaha. There's a sale at Expo............................... heh ;)
Life's Good for this weekend! Im a happy lil' girl~

May 10, 2006 @1:30 PM

Its time for some shopping again! Muahahaha.
Girls and guys, old and young, on and off, please!
Please jio me go shopping anytime anywhere!

Im going nuts.
I can't wait for friday to come!
I miss you like crazZzZzZzzzy!

May 06, 2006 @11:48 AM

Look how fast his fingers moved! And now I know why the little finger on my right hand tends to stick out, just look at the guitarist's right hand!

May 04, 2006 @11:35 PM

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