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September 15, 2006 @11:12 PM

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September 10, 2006 @3:40 PM

From left: Richard, Zichao, Myself, Min Ling, Qing Ling, Michelle and Di Sheng.

Richard and his "special effects" for photography.

I started working overnight in the studio since the Zoo assignment. For the last 2 wks I had spent countless nights drawing and making models in the studio for over 12hrs each day and sleep in the morning and then wake up again in the early afternoon and the cycle goes on. It was crazy then, but nevertheless, enjoyable.

I began to lose track of my days and dates, skipped lectures to make models, oversleep on the MRT, treat cup noodles n McD as staple food, coop myself in the windowless studio and e list goes on...

I also found out that I can actually stay awake for more than 24hrs, my friend drools when she sleeps, another friend sleep with his butt on his chair, body straight and a pen in his hand, almost everyone is a perfectionist in my studio and most importantly, we all enjoy what we do, no matter how demanding the course is.

My Zoo Entrance in Bass Wood.

My experience of the space I felt in the Zoo, beyond 2D and 3D.

Now I understand why the seniors said soon, we'll be seeing our studio mates 24/7. How true. I am so fortunate to be in Studio Four, with all the helpful and friendly souls around. Life is wonderful for me now. For once, I am happy learning :)

Thanks to the zoo assignment, I had to sacrifice a few bday celebrations! Nevertheless, a big THANK YOU to Muskebbits who made 2 necklaces, a video, a box of sushi, a sketchbook, a surprise appearance and used a month's time of preparation for my bday. Sorry for all the inconvenience I've caused! I love all the presents and of course, the TWO OF YOU! Thanks for being such nice friends and there for me all the time... I really appreciate all the effort you all had gone through for my birthday and most importantly, your presence that made me felt loved and not alone. Its a blessing to know the 2 of you and I will definitely cherish our friendship, this I swear :)

Not forgetting Kudamonos for the surprise at 11pm too! Thanks for the dark Truffle, it was very nice :) I know the sunflower is real too =x the angbao is also a gd practical gift which I need so badly now! hehe. The only wrong thing is that u all appointed lingna to bring camera... coz I have yet to get the photos! I guess I'll probably receive those photos when I turn 20 hehe! kidding la. Thank u all so much! We'll meet up again real soon I hope! Meanwhile I hope everyone will jiayou on whatever she is doing and all the best to all of you! :)

Also, I wanna thank everyone else who gave me presents and smses. In the midst of struggling a heavy workload, its heartwarming to know that you guys care and remembered my birthday. You know who you are, thanks :)

Lastly, for you, my dear.

love ya.

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