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July 31, 2006 @11:39 PM

The Temasek Hall orientation had been a letdown, at least for me. I was surprised to see many Chinese in the orientation and almost half of my group are Chinese. I think my group will need a super long time to warm up. Till now at 11.45pm, the entire group is still quite stone. Although I wasn't prepared to be enthusiastic, I didn't want to be too stone either.

If not for Dong Xiang's idea to catch the 9pm drama, I would have went home after the block bonding session. So now, I've decided to leave tml morning after breakfast. Afterall, I'VE PAID FOR ALL THE MEALS K.

Since I have no intentions to participate in their activities for the remaining days, I don't see the need to stay in the hall. I mean, what can I do in my room if I skipped those activities right? Thus I am coming back only on Matriculation Day and the compulsory welcome dinner on Sunday evening. Call me A.P, but I rather spend my time getting materials to decorate my room or do my Korean homework or watch dvd or dine with my parents than to stone there or blindly find my perfect match or prepare a finale performance. Hall food arnt that tasty too.

Urgh. Skipping this camp would mean throwing $108 to the hall. YES $108! Have you heard of such freaking expensive orientation fee?!

Ah. Forget it. Im contented to know just my neighbours and probably some Aki students in the block. I feel so much more attached to Aki than Hall! I love aki!!!!!!

Tonight is my virgin night in Temasek Hall. I hope I won't get nightmares.

July 26, 2006 @2:35 AM

I wanna go blading again but please, don't force me to cycle! Posted by Picasa

July 23, 2006 @1:11 AM

It was a dinner worthwhile, especially with the right company of friends.

I saw many familiar faces including seniors, juniors, school mates and teachers. I was glad to have a few words with Ms Tay K W, Mr Joseph Tam, Mr Raymond Mak, Mr Poh S K, Mr George Tan, Mrs Koh N C, Mrs Tan T H and needless to say Mr Chua C P. I expected some of our conversations to turn cold after a few lines but apparently all lasted for quite some time. A pity that Cai Lin and I couldnt find Mdm Ong P G and Mdm Tham.

I was surprised that quite a few seniors still remember me and we spoke more than a Hi-bye although we didnt keep in contact at all for the last few years. It was nice to see Audrey, Say Wei, Edwin, Samantha and Cherlyn again. Its kinda funny how the guys who used to be our seniors are going to be University freshmen like us this Aug.

After talking to the seniors and looking at the old photos of the school and its past activities, I began to recollect the past, like Ms Pat Wong's "Good Day" and Mr Andrew Tan's thick eyebrows. Cai Lin and I used to joke that the latter could be combed =x Many other little details of my secondary school days came back to me tonight. It was indeed a night to remember...

Of course, I also see several people giving their namecards, socialising or doing PR you can say. Well, it was a great opportunity to widen your social circle anyway. Maybe 10 years down the road I'll be the one giving my namecard during the dinner huh? Thats if I have a namecard by then lah.

All in all, I enjoyed myself tonight - the laughter, the people, the conversations and lastly, the school. Nevermind about the 80 bucks.

July 19, 2006 @3:37 PM

I read about the online petition regarding the change of school song. Seriously, I do not oppose to the idea of a simplified version of the school song because I felt that it is better for every student to understand the lyrics instead of singing it every morning w/o knowing what you are singing.

Imagine someone ask you for the meaning of your school song. Would you rather share the song with him/her with pride or brushed off with a casual "dunno leh"? Wouldn't you feel ashamed that you had sung your school song for 4 years without knowing the meaning behind the lyrics? The worse is when you continue saying "most of us dunno one lah, so chim".

Then my question is, what are Anglican High students doing in the school for 4 years?! Memorising song lyrics without appreciating its underlying meaning?!

Thus, I am not against the simplified version of the school song, since it will allow every AHS student to better understand its meaning when they sing and the chances of them sharing it with pride after they leave AHS will be higher. At least now they know what they are singing every morning.

From another point of view, the school song is part of the school's identity and therefore it should not be changed. Many of the ex-students felt that both the current students and alumni of Anglican High should hold the same identity - that they sang the same school song when they were in AHS. Therefore the change in the school song suggest that the link is broken - seniors no longer feel connected to the younger generation, or even the school.

Perhaps outsiders would wonder why the school song seemed to be the only identity of the school. The reason is simple. Times have changed. The principal had changed, the teachers had left, old buildings had been pulled down and the new ones occupy almost every corner of the campus. Now I see a fountain instead of carpark lots when I stepped into the school. The container classrooms disappeared. The airy building for the upper sec was history. The stone tables between the labs and the upper sec building were replaced by a connecting stairways. There is even a new addition to the uniform - AHS socks. Also, the councillors now wear a different blouse/shirt from the rest of the students.

That was probably why many ex-students are trying so hard to preserve as much as they can. A slight change in school song may sound harmless but it meant a lot to any student who once had an unforgettable time in Anglican High, including myself. Like all other ex-students who had signed the petition, I would like to do a part to help preserve the very little details left of the school we once shared. I also agreed with Gina that most of the time, petitions doesn't work, but I will still sign it to show that I do care about the school.

Ultimately, I doubt the school will remain the old school song lyrics, which is a good thing as I'd like to see my juniors explaining the lyrics to their friends with pride after they graduate.


I miss my secondary school days so much.

I miss the time Jasmin, Gwen and I shared in the guitar room. I remembered Jasmin introduced herself as the Jasmin-without-'e' girl during welcome party. I remembered telling Gwen that my little finger was crooked because I played the guitar too long and then we laughed so hard that we both got stomach ache and later we both concluded that we'll go crazy if the practice goes on in the boring room...

I miss Mr Shi so much. I saw him changed from a quiet man to a humourous instructor during the SYF period. He called me at the SYF 2005 and I was so happy that he still remember my name. Perhaps he realised that the interaction between the instructor and the players is the trick to success because the AHS Guitar Ensemble got a GOLD award again after 2003. I am truely very happy for him and the ensemble.

I miss my friends in council. My life in AHS will not be as fun and enjoyable without them. It was Mr Chua who first brought us to the Gelare in Siglap and subsequently we'll ask him to treat us waffles on Tues after meetings. I remembered how Darren always pour maple syrup like water running from the tap. I also remember our Tanjong Puteri trip in sec4 - that night we all tried to stay in one room b4 Mdm Lau chase the girls out, the super not scary night game that we planned and the classic story about Qilun touching Mdm Lau unknowingly during the blindfold game. Roy still keep that photo of us in the ferry in his antique N6610. I miss Hubert's hit-the-monster-100-pts joke, Chang Yang's 滑雪, Cai Lin's auntie attitude and long lost Shu Fang!

I am glad that the few of us are still keeping in contact. Ivan and Roy recently reminded me that I used to bugged everyone to eat 锅贴 with me in Chinatown. Not long ago I recalled how I always say 我很饱但是我很渴 to David, Gina n Qilun. In fact, there were many other things that I've forgotten and I was surprised to know that my friends still remember them. I am really thankful to know these wonderful people who had given me invaluable memories...




July 18, 2006 @1:27 AM

I met up with Gina and Rebecca at Katong today specially for Awfully Chocolate. Yes, its Awfully Chocolate, the cake shop that spcialises in chocolate cakes, that sell only 3 types of chocolate cakes and lastly, whose franchise was brought over to Taiwan by local singer Stella Huang.

We had Chocolate Banana. It taste like a kind of malay kueh - the one that looks like a lil' brown "cupcake" with a slice of banana on top.. you get me? Of course the cake is much nicer than the kueh lah, less dry and more chocolate-y.

We thought it would be impossible for 3 girls to finish a 500g chocolate cake.

However, only these were left by the 3rd hour..

Yes, we conquered the cake.

By the way. we brought the cake to Teo Heng KTV in Katong Shopping Centre. We ate and sang for exactly 3 hrs in Teo Heng. For those who are interested, the KTV charges are freaking cheap - $16 nett/rm for a 3hr session in their smallest room. Needless to say, the music and sound system were definitely incomparable to KBox, let alone Party World. No tidbits or drinks provided too, which explains the nett price n not "++".

Hai. Budget lah, budget.

We shopped in Parkway Parade before settling down for dinner at the foodcourt. Rebecca and I were famished while Gina 做仙 -__-"" I had a "hum jin peng", a big bowl of 秋莲版面 and a "ice-cream in between" from Scoopz.

Yea, Im a happy fatso today :)


These roses were made of plastic bags. I folded them on Monday during rag* preparation. Yes, I'm a floater^ now. NO MORE DANCE PRAC FOR ME! Yes!

*NUS rag and flag day: some sort of chingay carnival. In SDE's rag preparation, we are divided into the costume, dance and float team.
^Floaters are people who do the float. Float are the truck-sized "mascot" representing your school during Rag.


The above pictures were taken by my SE W700i, not that my digicam got worse. Uh yes, I can finally lift my head high up when Ivan 'shoot' VGA cameras. HEH. Stupid Ivan, you think your rotating 1.3 megapixel camera big ah?! Wahahahaha! I cant wait to 'shoot' his D820 now!

Im looking forward to the AHS 50th Anniversary dinner on sat. Gonna meet up with lotsa old friends, juniors and seniors. I saw the floor plan and menu last week, both looked good. I hope my 80 bucks will not go to waste!

July 16, 2006 @5:35 PM

I was surfing the Pizza Hut website for home delivery menu when I came across their Personality Test:

You are a Super Hawaiian Supreme Pizza!
Life is about the sun, the beaches, the breeze and lots of fun! Relaxed and laid-back, you lead a carefree lifestyle where problems are never too big to make you frown. Your warm and friendly disposition makes you a very approachable person. Share this pizza with your friends and spread the sunny joy!

Which type of Supreme Pizza are you?
Brought to you by Pizza Hut

What a coincidence! I've just ordered a Super Hawaiian pizza before I took the test! Hmm..?

July 10, 2006 @12:09 PM

As Im typing this, SCV's Demand TV is showing the korean movie "The Art Of Seduction" on channel 144 for FREE! Muahahahha! I've been waiting for FREE MOVIES from Demand TV!!! And yes, its a KOREAN movie now! Hohoho!

This is my first time subscribing to a movie on Demand TV. The payable ones were pretty affordable, like say, $4.95 per movie on the average. Heh its kinda interesting to watch a movie on channel 144 as I used to see "To purchase this programme, press the button on the remote control" whenever I chance upon channel 140 onwards.

I think I'll probably try Karaoke TV next. Heh. My dad gonna screw me when he sees the bill next month!

I love Starhub Digital TV!

July 07, 2006 @3:37 AM

The camp was hella fun! Its been eons since I last went for orientation camps. Im so glad that I was in Le Corbusier ( our grp names were named after famous architects) because the people are so garang! We got the Most Garang group award! ha, crap.

Anyway, the past 4 days were definitely well spent in the campus, Sentosa and West Coast Park. We not only had fun but also learnt alot about some architects through the design competition, whereby each group were to build a life-size fort which can accomodate 2 people. Each group had to design according to the style of the architect of their group name.

I can't forget the ultra late-night trustwalk, foxes and chicken, amazing race and of course,

Xue Zhen,
Di Sheng,
Michelle and

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Im praying real hard that I'll get the same studio as them when school starts! The 9 of us get along really well though we were of different age and background. Guys who went through NS were indeed different, they were more sociable, mature in thoughts and could lead a team rather well, but of course, there's always an exception..... like....

ALVIN!! he's damn funny lah! He reminded me of the Yiyang in 06. Hahaha! Gosh. Im missing my Corbus!!! I cant wait for sch to start! I wanna work in the studio!! It is like a cosy little home where the aki students spend 24/7 there doing their projects! Yes, they sleep n bathe in the studio! Just imagine how strong the friendship would be!

Im so glad that I went for the camp!

I wanna cut my hair again!! this hairstyle is not convenient for camps! haha! Im crazy!!! I need to slp!!

July 01, 2006 @12:23 AM

is Neway Karaoke!

1. RM32++ per person ( ~SGD 20 after ++ )
2. Price includes BUFFET DINNER (which consist of jap, western and chinese dishes)
3. Sing from 2130 - 0400 !!
4. Excellent service (waiters bring your food from the buffet table to your room)
5. Adjustable room temperature! ( No more freezing singing sessions!)

I had a WONDERFUL time with Sandra and Davina for the past 3 days in KL. The trip was smooth and memorable, except for the part we got cheated by the Chinese cabby (-.-") We shopped like mad, walked like crazy and ate like tai-tais! oh man, Im beginning to miss the times in KL with the 2 bitsies!!

Photos in Flickr soon!

PS: Sandra, are u not happy? Wahahahaha!

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