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December 31, 2004 @2:47 PM

sad. today is my last day of work. I'll miss Joo-Lian! no more $35 but more n more mrs leong. sad.

Yest went for 06 chalet. thou the number of people was only slightly more than half, it was quite fun with mr tan n ms leong ard. mr tan was really... FUNNY. it was kinda my first time talking to him with so much laughter thou i knew he was... FUNNY. he drove fellu, mich and me home and make sure that we go up safely before he leave. Nice gentleman, I think i'll miss his free gp tutorials. haha.

Tsunami tidal wave had became a hot topic these days. im following closely to the news too. I really pity the victims and am shocked with the ever increasing death tolls. its like rising by 20,000 per day. I donated a mere $10 to the crisis. I hope i can do more within my budget thou.

hmm, today is the last day of 2004. oh my godness, tml is 2005 and nx yr I'll be having Shaza's auntie as my CT. i think im getting more and more pessimistic each year. Now im beginning to see nth special about Chinese New Year. Im not going to buy new clothes for it. how sad. im only 17 and counting... yet im growing a dislike for festivals and like working?

what a childhood.

Gonna spend the last day of 2004 WISELY: do homework and celebrate the joy of a new year tonite.

December 29, 2004 @1:19 AM

the show isnt that boring afterall. Don't be deceived by its introduction! i also dunno why i think its nice.. its some sort of arty farty thing but its not as difficult to understand as those accademy award nominations! it was quite a touching story in fact? Andy Lau is still a nice guy in the end.. Well its just my opinion, it doesnt matter if it does not apply to anyone out there!

Bought an eBase big top heh! 50% discount for 2 items n above! so me and chin, being such co-orperative pals, each bought a top happily! wahaha~ im not gonna buy new shirt for the coming CNY. i had enough! my wardrobe is full.

And i just learnt that eBase, Baleno and Samuel n Kevin shares the same boss. No wonder their sales appear almost at the same period everytime n their designs look alike... But somehow im more suitable for eBase and Baleno. So dear Santa(s), u get my point?

"Shopping had became boring for me." - 16 dec 2004 @ tingism.blogspot.com

Food for Thought: Even old friends need time to warm up when we meet once in a while? Hmm.

December 28, 2004 @5:27 PM

Please put a title for your posts next time? Always forget. Bah.

I have added and edited and done the things you asked for. =)

Template I do again next time la. Hope will suit your taste.

Okay. Sleepy le. Maybe can sleep. Haha. Byebye!

@4:28 PM

Just came back from work... Julia drove me and Meifang to TAMPINES!!! yeah.. save me lotsa time travelling from YISHUN to simei heh. had stomachache after i ate the packet lunch i bought wahaha.. hope they are not affected! tml going Park View Pri.. doubt got transport there =(

hMm i shd be doing my 20 phy structured b4 meeting Kudamonos... hMMM... Rainy day where got MOOD for homework! so NO LIFE!

yeah meeting hubby for movie tonite! yOOhOO~

hey smarty: UH? ok lor.. our taste always different in template sense bah. to say the truth, NOT BAD LAH!! haha i still prefer my design! but i know "behind the scenes" are too messy la huh? ok ok so u win this round haha...

@1:33 PM

Okay. I redo the whole page already, but not exactly everything. The looks still there right? I only do some cleaning up and touch up here and there. Looks decent lah. When got time I do a nice one k? Hai.. When got time...

Anyway, hope you like this layout now =)

December 27, 2004 @10:50 PM

hehe just now hubby say u are tired.. so i did my part for our MYOUE! Hope this time we can have the same taste in this template... bah. heh.. shall start blogging tonite!! lalala!

So happy~~~ i love this template!!! MUahaha~ thou it sacrifices my 20 physics structured time.. hehe. hmm, going to work @ Naval Base Pri tml. Its at Yishun. Julia ask me to buy lunch for them. Hmm.. now, who's the boss? *weird*

okie.. gtg ask hubby come see this heh! ask him edit abit also haha~

@9:20 PM


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