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January 31, 2005 @11:27 PM

Had been super bz with vday preparation.
so many things to plan n do.
but i enjoyed doing all these.
seems like i'm back to my council days..


Found my real self? Hmm. Real?

tons of tuts not done.
1st time this yr im unprepared for tuts.
Is that something i shd be proud of?

heh. i came in 3rd for last fri's Korean test!
I nv study leh! was so worried initially!

Btw, there's only 7 candidates.

January 28, 2005 @10:14 PM

Pork Floss Bread +
Tuna Sandwich +
Snickers (Almond) +
Hor Fan +
Meiji Plain Biscuit +
3 Fried Wantons +
2 mini char siew baos +

= Gonna work harder @ Amore tml!

January 25, 2005 @6:43 PM

"Look at Adrian Pang. He's a trained lawyer. But what is he doing now? Something he likes - Acting." - Mrs Noordin

One shd start with an end in mind instead of planning the route while we walk because till we reach the crossroad, we often end up eliminating every path ahead n only to realise that we are walking to nowhere.

Hope everything is still not too late. At least for me.

January 24, 2005 @6:25 PM

Instead of the usual way of reading storybooks, magazines or newspapers, which can be very tiring to your eyes, you can now listen to them anywhere you want. It's actually a good idea to encourage lazy people to read. (ya, like me!) Oh yah, it even has Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code audio version! So if you are a Mr Brown's fan, you can try hearing his stories instead of reading!

January 23, 2005 @1:41 AM

Only click the link above if you really have nothing better to do.

I told u!

January 22, 2005 @9:36 PM

GIRLS afterall.

Shopping does wonders.
Wahaha.. and we enjoyed ourselves!
More dates ahead!

YES. im a KOREAN freak now!

Im gonna get that mini white cardigan.
but i'll look out for prettier n cheaper ones 1st.

haha the cheapo ah soh is back in action.
who cares? as long as i have the most $ saved in the end.
don envy me.

i threw away my beloved silver earrings yest.
my 1 and only presentable round earring!
im supposed to throw away some tissue thou.
n the new big black one looks funny.

a thicker silver round earrings.
n the white thin metallic one.
nx round, i'll hunt them down!
Again, i shall look for the cheapest n prettiest.


I've conquered LITTLE BRIDE! Awesome!
Jasmin!! i need u!!! *heh*heh*

there's always gains n losses.
fine. i lost my PnC lecture notes.

*To anyone who has Feb issue of SEVENTEEN
pls spare me ur pg 51
the baby-G design contest !

January 20, 2005 @10:12 PM

blowing bubbles.
kicking waters.

(does it sounds like...
Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon?)


yup i did the 2 "stunts" this morning.
Hey its FUN OK!
Alright, im loving the pool!

but before that..
i gonna slim down a lil'.

Yet i foresee that wont be easy
esp after my dinner today:-

@ HANS the tasty town:
- potato salad

Grilled Fish Dinner Set
- Main course
- Mushroom soup
- orange juice
- watermelon

- Choc cake

Everything's damn delicious!
But its way above my supposed calories intake!
NO no NO no!

Anyway the HANs @ China Sq is v different from the other branches. Greater Varieties and better atmosphere. Hai!

heh heh.. long wkend ahead!
my sat's job is gone thou *hai!*
NVM! i have my VCDs!!!

im so into korean stuffs now!

oh by the way
I've got myself a copy of SEVENTEEN.
guys shd get one too
thou its, ok fine, GIRLY.
but the tips inside for Vday gifts seriously worth a try if u cant think of any! Of course, it'd b best if u can impress her with your own creations!

and rem,


To be fair, maybe girls shd get a copy of MAXIM too.

January 17, 2005 @6:39 PM

All the magazines released this month are FEBRUARY SPECIALS a.k.a Valentines' Day Special!!! I can feel the Sweet february coming.. Eeew~ Love is in the air!

ok lah ok lah
not only Vday is on Feb this year
CNY too. coz i can feel the goodies in the air!
mum had been buying all s0rts of goodies to try them out b4 cny.
yah im the guinea pig la. How the hell am i going to carry on with my diet, mum!

heh wait till i get my pay this sat ;)

February is going to be a gd month ;)
CNY is a great time to do some catching up with #Gang-999 and Kudas!

Lalalalala~ Love is in the AIR!

January 15, 2005 @10:41 PM

Happy? Happy.

YEah! New Water Bottle!

Completed Polar.C!
Amazing. For Once, ok mayb twice..
Work done with HIM ard!!
Efficient! for me only. haha.

(sing) 'coz Im FoOoO-Cused~~
even with AaaaaaA-pPle.
WaAaAa-haha`~ (claps)

YEah! collected the photos!
But (sing) O000H-no~
Iiiiiiii'm Broke`!(claps)

Happy? YES!

@9:37 PM


Give me an apple, please!

January 13, 2005 @2:49 PM

no gd reason to blog for the past wk
unless the tons of tutorials are considered significant.

they are going to be part of my life.

not going to waste more time waiting.
physically n mentally.
the heart and tuts.
its too tiring to complaint.

Lets be happy.

But can we?


3min sharing session tml for gp.
it my turn. oh no.


I want

1. Seed of Chucky. Since last Nov. SO? ANYTHING DRILLED IN? ay it wasnt recommended by Gina. That made me feel a lil' more peaceful.

2. mini Stapler. but nowhere to be found.

3. security. of the heart, soul and mind.


Im too tired to talk
too tired to remind
too tired to remember.

Keep some Distance away.
it might be a solution.


my couz bought me a set of bikini frm the NUS bazzar.
how nice.


January 06, 2005 @7:10 PM

its as thou i've met a ghost
i ran away upon seeing her.

ran away.

was shocked with my behaviour.
i know i cant run away during tutorial.

cant run away.


PDP Drive is over
Vday coming up.
Its driving me crazy.
What about SYF?
Im going nuts.


i cant be bothered.
too lazy to be irritated by u.
hey flower,
somethings just don get ppl's jealousy.
it just show how fake u are.
pls take care, will u?

January 04, 2005 @9:38 AM

I've been accepting everything
but at 17
I began questioning

Why do my posts need titles?
Why am i not doing what i ought to?
Are psychologists with a local degree useless?
Do i know what i want?
What do i really like?

is it a stage
for me to understand myself
or is it a platform
for me to rant and roam

Never had i fear
of teacher
of school
of studies

Never had i been so fearful.

Is it that when u don feel stressed,
you are actually over-stressed?
Or am i just numb to it after a year.

Its not a shity school
They are not inhuman
Everything's fine
but not me.

I did not skip lessons today
I only had 1 period of Maths.
When i've decided to pay attention to lectures this yr
i realise i've lost interest in your teachings.

January 03, 2005 @8:10 PM

I saw an advertisment on the TV recently about this thing. It's a kind of online chatting space. But of course it has its special things and interesting stuffs. So you can check it out maybe. Enjoy!

January 02, 2005 @2:37 PM

Does my hair looks PERMED?

a thousand sighs.
Its the first time i dread a new semester.
Not that i've been looking forward to it for the past few years, but this time i sense sth bad coming. haha. My laziness is acting again.

Read the Sunday Times about Tsunami. Realised that im actually quite interested in Geography. I knew it since the beginning of 2004. Thats why i took geog for the first 3 months! Subsequently due to my laziness, i began to fall asleep during geog tutorials and haphazardly concluded that i shd just drop that subject because i have no idea which chapter is it at now?

I've learnt alot in 2004. Alot about myself, alot about my friends, alot about my life, my family, my future etc. The happiest thing is that i had an enriching dec hol. The Taiwan Exchange Prog, Job Shadowing at SGH and working under Joo-Lian, earning money which i can called my own and of course, taking up Korean Language class every fri night.

A big lesson learnt in Dec: Opportunities are created by Man. Take the Risk or u'll nv know.

If i had not accept the TIP for the inconvenience caused by hosting a foreigner in my house, I wouldnt have learn so much about Taiwan.

If i had assumed that the TIP left me no vacancies in any job attachment programmes, I wouldnt have know how a hospital works.

If I hadnt taken the initiative to email that stranger on that faithful day just because the thread on TJ FORUM looks informal, I wouldnt have earned my own money.

If i hadnt taken the initiative to learn a new language, I wouldnt know that Korean is so FUN!

And of course, if not for all these, i wouldnt have made more friends.

Hmm.. above are examples that we cant learn from textbooks, do we? WHATS THE POINT OF STUDYING!!!!!

January 01, 2005 @3:37 PM

Happy New Year.

today's the first day of 2005. Its not my style to stay at home on the eve n spend my first day of a new year at home. But i almost did that and it'll be my first time ever since i stepped into teenagehood.

Went out at night yest and returned home at ard 1am. I was dead beat. Im not sure why bcoz i wasnt at all using my energy for the countdown. Today, being the first day of 2005, i was supposed to be out (at least in the evenin) with my parents to PS where i can get a new clock from Molecule for my room.

New clock. New Year.

All of a sudden, the weather became a reason for papa and mama to stay at home.

I dont want to spend 01.01.2005 at home =(

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