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April 29, 2006 @12:13 AM

How time flies. I hosted Aurora VIII, organised Aurora IX and today, I attended Aurora X. There were quite a few collaborations with others PDPs like string ensemble and choir. The TJcian Koh Bee Kwee, who got into Campus Superstar, sang Accidentally In Love and Welcome to My Life for the band item. Her singing was average but she looked so cute n sweet! No wonder half the year 1 male population in TJ is going gaga over her.

I was very happy to see Jie Kai and Cong Yi conducting for some ensemble pieces. They were pretty gd and I was proud of them because it shows that you are quite something when you are appointed to conduct an ensemble. Although there is always an exception to my statement, I have confidence in the 2 guys!

When Xinying told me how nervous she was before the concert, I could totally understand the kind of emotions she was going through. Its like you are so excited to know whats coming but at the same time you only want to accept a positive outcome of your big project which had taken at least 70% if your energy for the past 4 months. You want a sense of achievement after all.

Throughout the concert I was thinking of things like, they must have had a hard time selecting those pieces; the mic is not picking up the right guitar part; they shd have moved in this way; gd, they have made use of the time to arrange the chairs behind the curtain; they shd play with the lightings for the band item; they must have stayed till quite late in school for the past few days and the list goes on...

I had a strange feeling of nostalgia when I saw the new ensemble on stage, listening to familiar guitar pieces and sharing the excitement of my juniors. I didn't thought that I'd feel this way. It was then I realised how much I miss being part of an organising committee, planning for an event and reap the success of my effort put in. Of course, I was also reminded of all the encouragement and support I received during the ultra busy period when I was preparing for Aurora IX. Though I might not look fwd to every guitar practices, I do enjoy the accompany there.

To be frank, the greatest satisfaction I've got as a vice-chairperson in Guitar Club wasnt the camp but Aurora IX. It took up much of my time and energy but I enjoyed every single moment preparing for it. I was happy when I managed to do 2 full-dressed rehearsals within a few hrs. I was happy when everyone in the club proposed ideas for the finale. I was happy when the banner was well-received, all thanks to the sacrifices Pat n Sandra made. I will always rem how they rushed to town by MRT to get more cloth just before the concert. It is really heart-warming to work with people like them, who are willing to go all out for a common goal.

Come to think of it, my life now is merely sleep -> eat -> work -> shop and the cycle goes on. How shallow! Urgh, I miss the ability to lead n organise! BOOOOOoooooooooo.

PS: Here, I have to apologise to Sandra for packing the holding room and removing the banner ALONE and as a result, she missed my briefing in the audi 1 year ago. Oops!

April 27, 2006 @2:14 PM

We celebrated Jiawei's birthday at Gotham Penthouse and MoS. My face turn red easily with a lil' liquor probably because Im not a regular drinker. I don't like to drink anyway, let alone smoke. I DETEST SMOKERS. I wasnt a least bit tipsy last night but I had tomato face n bloodshot eyes when I left Gotham after, say, 10 sips of volka cranberry? HAHA! Im lousy no doubt! We proceeded to MoS and I got so high over there because I think it would only be more fun when u let your hair down and be yourself on the floor. My principle: when you want to have real fun, you gotta let go 101%! Its not a place to be demure and shy over there, so groove it, baby!

I took 2 hrs leave this morning coz I think I need some slp after the party last night. Guess what? Today is one of the 4 bosses' birthday! And it happened to be my direct boss - the accountant! Sai Gek bought some famous durian puffs from Joo Chiat for Boss and the rest of us. Everyone in the office were squealing in delight over those mini durian puffs! DAMN! I HATE DURIANS!

Sai Gek offered me a durian puff but I rejected. Then many other colleagues came fwd and psychoed me how nice the cold DURIAN puff is and I should die die give it a try! URGH. At last I gave in to peer pressure and took a bite...

FREAK! It was certainly a wrong move. The taste was overpowering! I quickly gulped lots of water but the after taste was still in my throat, my mouth, my hands and my breath! I then gobbled some lemon biscuits, praying hard that it'll have some magical healing power for durians! Urgh. I had rinsed my mouth, washed my hands and drank gallons of water. I swear I will nv touch durians again.


April 21, 2006 @10:50 AM

I shall not be a spoilt brat.

I shall learn to take things on my stride.

I shall perservere.

I shall take it as a new learning journey.

April 20, 2006 @3:26 PM

I almost cried in front of Sai Gek when I tried to tell her that I don't understand a single thing and that I've never study accounting as a subject before. What I wanted to say was that I don't want to do her work anymore, but instead I told her,

"I don't understand all the terms u used. I'm SCARED."

*give myself a tight slap*

Thanks to the word SCARED, she say, "No worries, I'll guide you along for next month's accounts and a bigger bank's account after that. No need to be scared, I'm just sitting there." I bet she was shocked by my teary eye and blushing nose though.

WTH, GUIDE ME ALONG. I don't want you to guide me along. I don't even want to do your work anymore. Im an admin clerk, not your assistant accountant. I told you I want to study Business - Tourism n Hospitality Management, which is different from Accountacy, so stop saying its the same and I'll learn it sooner or later. Im going to talk to Mr Boss tml.

I guess only Mary understand my situation now. Mary, my best friend at work!

@10:42 AM

Recently I have been taught to do basic accounting at work. I did bank reconciliation, which I dont like it at all. I had to key in lots of numbers numbers and numbers, tally numbers numbers and more numbers, see more n more figures I dont understand and don't want to understand. I hate it especially when Sai Gek just tell me to tally, print, copy and key in figures when i dunno whats all that for and what all that means. However all these needed MS EXCEL which I like and am interested to learn more about its functions. Sai Gek is a good senior cum friend and I believe she is also a gd mother but SHE IS NOT A GOOD TEACHER! She told me that what I've been doing are the most basic principals of accounting and I thought, "Oh my, I cant even stand BASIC accounting!" Sai Gek said she has more complicated acounting task for me later on. Save me, I'm just not meant to do accounting. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN ACCOUNTING.

April 19, 2006 @11:05 PM

w/o further ado, lemme show you the BATA birs!

Oh pls, tell me its nicccccccccccce! Just think about the $50 saved!

Next up, the long awaited pumps! I paid and waited 1 month for this can! It was personalised, meaning I get to choose the design and the colour, but I didnt. I just decide on the design from the display set. Urgh, Dumb ass. Come to think of it, how could I tell them what kinda design I want unless I was prepared with a design in hand? Aiyah, forget it. Actually I thot my pumps don't look as fantastic as I thot they were 1 mth ago but I'll not neglect them lah!

Yup, its from Minou, the shop that was located in Heeren before they shifted to their current location in FEP. Remember there was this period of time when their personalised designs (matching designs on the left n right shoe, cartoon drawings etc) of canvas shoes were popular?

Uh! Must I mention this again....

A must-not-miss (",) And now this is waiting for me...

Not forgetting STAR WARS n lots of anime. All thanks to Mr Seah! I'm beginning to appreciate Star Wars, my first sci-fi movie after all.

Last but not the least, dad recommended me to i-Stereo. They look fabulous. I gonna check out their price and decide between them or the Sony speakers. I need SeahSQ now!

Another thing! My dad is a big fan of 大长今 a.k.a 李英爱! He was so upset that he couldnt be at the arrival hall (thou he works at the airport) when she arrived in SG yest afternoon! I wonder if he'll be at the departure hall waiting for Lee when she leaves! How cute!

April 18, 2006 @5:04 PM

I finally pluck up the courage to blog here.

Im freezing in my office!

tons of work to complete but im giving myself a brk now haha!

April 16, 2006 @8:56 PM

It was my first time crying over a drama serial.

Was the show really that touching or I've become more emotional?

April 15, 2006 @6:28 PM

  1. Check out some of my photos from the HK trip! Just click on the flickr badge on the right. Click on Hong Kong if necessary.
  2. I've bought that $29.90 imitation birks from BATA. I declare cheapo but also $50 richer.
  3. I need my digicam to take lots of photos for eBay n my 2 pairs of new shoes!
  4. I vacuumed the house today *winks*
  5. I hope my parents will buy me something from Genting or KL.
  6. I'm so addicted to MY GIRL. Great show!
  7. I so wanna do full manicure n pedicure at $0 haha! cheapoism strikes again. Any sponsors?
  8. I've downloaded Post-it digital notes. It is a useful tool to remind me of all the things to buy, places to go, food to eat and what to do as the notes r "pasted" on my desktop! You shd try this!

Time for My girl. bye!

April 11, 2006 @9:41 PM

I'm going to sound cheapo, but I don't care!

IM NOT GOING TO SPEND A RIDICULOUS 80 BUCKS FOR A PAIR OF SLIP-ONs ( thou it is damn nice, damn comfortable and blardy famous) WHICH I DOUBT I'LL WEAR IT ALL THE TIME!!


Simply because I saw a similar pair, also as comfortable (or mayb slightly less comfortable but definitely above average), as white as Virgin Whisper White (but with tiny pink flowers) and as pretty as a PAPPILIO.


Less than half the amount I almost paid for a Papillio online! Its merely $29.95!!! OH MY GOD! I gonna be $50 richer ya know!? Now I have the money for my uZap and Levi's! HOHOHO!!!!


Eastpoint =)

No lah, its BATA @ Eastpoint to be exact.

BATA - thats why I say I'd sound a lil' cheapo but who cares?! I just know that I had saved myself from being $50 poorer!

I swear I'll get that pair by this wkend! MUAHAHAHAHA!

April 09, 2006 @11:23 PM

I'm flattered! Extremely flattered! Myheritage.com showed that Song Hye-kyo and I were 74% look alike! Wahahahaha! SONG HYE-KYO ya know!? A KOREAN! A PRETTY KOREAN ACTRESS! A PRETTY and FAMOUS KOREAN ACTRESS WHOM I ADORE!! A PRETTY and FAMOUS KOREAN ACTRESS WHO ATTRACTED MR SEAH too!!

ME! ME! ME!!!


Ooooooooh~ I love Koreans =)

yah lah yah lah... only 74% lah... lemme fantasize cannot izzit...

@9:58 PM

1. Virgin Whisper White?

2. Flower Stitch Sunlight?

or 3. Garden Party White!?

I can't decide!

What ya think? tag Tag TAG!

April 08, 2006 @6:35 PM

No words can describe how fun we had in the past 4 days in Hong Kong and even if there were any, I'll probably take eons to finish this post! Thus I shall let the photos do the talking in my next few posts =)

I especially love the food in hk! The peanut butter chee cheong fan, shrimp wanton, dim sum, roast goose, char siew bao and so on.. oooooooooh~ D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S! Check out my photos on food!

Shopping was the main priority for the trip so we didnt visit many tourist attractions like Disneyland ( I hrd its not worth going there anyway!) and Ocean Park. We visited Stars Avenue (星光大道)though. I can only remember Victoria Peak, old Ocean Park and Portugese egg tart from my Hong Kong trip in 1998, so the trip this time kinda refreshed my memory of HK.

Talking about shopping, lemme recall what I've bought for myself...

1 denim capri (regretted like shit)
1 green knee-length pants ( now I wish I could sell it away)
1 denim mini skirt (ooooh baby i love it!)
1 sleeveless long top
3 bags - 1 shoulder, 2 sling
1 bangle (yes gina! I've found it!)
1 thick retro hairband
4 pairs of earrings
1 leather belt with flowery engravings and a butterfly buckle ( my love! muack!)
1 eBase foldable umbrella
1 Disney photo album
2 sets of Korean dvd - 궁 (Princess Hour) and 아이걸 (My girl)
1 mini water dispenser (kawaii neh!)
1 box of Disney cookies ( I love the Mickey box!)


I think thats all la. I dont consider these a lot, given that it was a 4D3N Hong Kong shopping trip and that I bought much more things for all my friends n loved ones than for myself! bah.

gosh! I forgot bout my instant noodle. gtg eat it now while watching my 궁! ciao!

April 03, 2006 @9:11 AM

I simply love singing with old friends!

Roy, David, Ivan, Gina and I went Party World @ Orchard last night with a 4 hr complimentary voucher from Roy. Woohoo~ We sang all our hearts out till 12 midnight! As Party World have this "count down" timing system, we couldn't stay there till we got chased out like Kbox! That was a smart move by Party World and I think Kbox should adopt that system too, if not the customers like me will never leave the place, haha!

Anyway, I must say Roy and David can sing really really well! One is the imitation of Hong Kong Heavenly King Jacky Cheung and the other is practically a real-life joker Jackie Wu! Ivan is quite good at some songs la, but I cant rem the titles. hahaha! Its not easy for Ivan to complete an entire song in perfect chinese - we'll be glad if he doesn't read 曾 as 会 !

Singing with the co. is extremely enjoyable because
  1. EVERYONE SINGS and not sit there and STARE AT YOU SING
  2. the singer was given some attention and applause
  3. there are good male vocals around for songs by male singers
  4. David is a 24 hr entertainer
  5. Roy will attempt to harmonize every song
  6. duet is made possible!

Its so hard to find a guy who is willing to go karaoke, let alone to be able to sing well! I think they are the only guys among all my cliques who are more than willing to SING! Its been soooooooo long since I last hear a MAN sing a song by male artiste -_-" Yeah, the last one was by Roy too, on xmas eve at the pub in Clarke Quay.

Oh, how I love hanging out with everyone of them - Gina, Ivan, David, Roy and Lun! There's so much fun and laughter with them around (",) Furthermore, Ivan can drive us crazy home sometimes! Hohoho~

Bro n sis, Cheerios!

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