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February 26, 2006 @11:21 PM

Spending 6 days a week in Simei is no fun. BOOOOHOOOOHOOO! I wanna take MRT to town!! I wanna go shopping!! I wanna shop shop shop shop shop shop shop n shop!

I wanna get a new handphone.
I wanna get a digital weighing machine ASAP!
I wanna have a nice umbrella.
I wanna visit those new stores at Far East Plaza n ICON@BUGIS.
I wanna try on that pair of slip-ons from BATA.
Yes, BATA. Why? Cannot ah?
Don't give me that Buy-And-Throw-Away look.
I wanna go sun tanning!
I wanna catch a movie in town!!!!
I wanna singgggggggggggggggggg!
I wanna slim down. Yes, for the 101th time.

I wanna buy uZap!

Anyone using it currently? Is it effective in toning up ur butt, thighs and tummy? I need some feedback!

I wanna look like her too!

Most importantly, I wanna buy that cresent moon straw bag from Bugis!! Though these look reasonably good too...

but AHhhhhhhhhhh!! I still like my cresent straw bag laaaaaaa!!! When can I have that!??!?!?! I've been wanting it for months!!

February 21, 2006 @11:11 PM

Eastpoint Mall - never the same again!

I'm so looking forward to seeing more attractive shops, expanded corners and a brand new image of Eastpoint!! Renovation is going on at level 1 and 2 currently. Apparel boutique BEGA is having a sale at the atrium since last week while its unit is undergoing construction. Nanyang Optical will be having their storewide sale at the atrium in march. Pet Safari had also shifted to level 3 temporarily. Come 3rd march, Cherry Mobile will also be relocated to level 3, beside Sony Ericsson service centre. Many shops, e.g. Hang Ten, Lifestyle and Best Denki had closed down in mid-February and new tenants will be taking over to liven up the place. Besides the many changes to the shops available, every level now has a new stretch of shops (at the most insignificant corner, so u really gotta check that out!) for your shopping pleasure. I heard that the management is going to categorize the shops so that every level is special on its own, like the "Exclusively Hers" zone in Century Square!

Presently, level 6 is not only an Education Hub with well-known centres like Cambridge Language, MDIS and Kumon, there is also a mini outdoor pool for kids. Also, there are women's clinics, dental clinics and Chinese acupuncture at level 3, but they are well hidden behind THIS FASHION and you probably won't know about their existence unless you were told. By the way, do you know that the mall has EPs of all the 3 telcos - Singtel, M1 and Starhub?

I think the entire mall should be ready by June the earliest. I can't wait to see a NEW n VIBRANT EASTPOINT MALL!! I hope to see more shops for the young and trendy fashionista, a departmental store like SEIYU or ISETAN, a bigger arcade with up-to-date machines and bigger pool area, more gifts and stationary shops that provide binding and photocopy services, an electronic/furniture company like COURTS and last but not least....

a CINEMA!!!!!!!

Check out the new Eastpoint Mall in June! I'll keep u guys updated!

February 19, 2006 @12:56 AM

1. How does it feel to have sex with the same gender? I was utterly disgusted when my colleague reminisced his "3-hour-long pleasure n satisfaction" at work today. Winnie and I gave him the oh-pls-stop-it-brows and turn our backs on him, or rather, her. I'll never understand homosexualism. Not that I don't approve of that, but I'll be super turned off when u start telling me your "night life". Your love triangle/square with other men may be quite entertaining to kill those free time though. {>_-}

2. I want to buy a nice foldable light-weight umbrella without UV protection.

3. Men cannot be spoilt. Don't ask me why, it occured to me out of the blue.

4. How to be understanding and yet not taken for granted? You get what I mean?

5. Where to buy a digital weighing machine? Those that gives you up to 1 decimal place.

6. Another colleague of mine talks on the dummy handset whenever she's bored and she does it as if she was really on the line. Her acting skills are so good that sometimes I wonder if she's really out of her mind.

7. Tiffany's CA1 in 2 weeks time. Will her results improve?

8. I had jogged 4 times this week, with 10 rounds at my best.

9. I ate Jack n Jill chilli flavoured potato chips after a packet of duck rice for lunch cum dinner today because I was famished. It had been a long long time since I last snacked.

10. I want to put on my new lip gloss.

11. I'll be working with Chand and Kenny the whole of tomorrow.

12. I've been thinking of the cresent bag from Bugis for months.

13. I want Sony Ericsson K610i. I chose SE because they have a service centre at Eastpoint.

14. I don't like Tiffany's mum. Her dad is sociable and good-looking. He looks trendy in his dyed spiky hair, black plastic army boy specs, mini beard on his chin, hip hop t-shirt and birkenstock.

15. I want to go shopping without spending my own money. hiek hiek hiek.

16. I still can't sleep.

17. Bachelor of Business: Marketing or Tourism and Hospitality Management? Really going into business ah? Study economics ah? Can make it anot? I'm interested meh.................. no other choice leh.................

18. What if I fail my General Paper? What if I have to retake my 'A's?

19. I'm surprised that Yixin and I are going shopping in 2 weeks time. Though we only know each other during the 4-day training, I felt like I've known her for years =)

20. I want to visit Raffles Design Institute.

February 14, 2006 @10:42 PM

So, I spent this day giving tuition and working under the yellow star. No choice lah, my valentine gotta accompany the jungle. Sigh!

Anyway, a couple came to buy the Valentines' Day pair deal: Motorola L7. So sweet, isn't it? HA! Both of them were male! I met the girlfriend last week when she came to visit my colleague. She, 21, was standing at 1.8m(at least) while the boyfriend, 30+, was 1.73m (at most). Never mind about their image, I was taken aback when the girlfriend shook my shoulders n started hopping on the spot upon successful transaction!

"Yeah!! I've got a new handphone!!" There she goes, standing tall at 1.8m.


Of course, there were times when they got mushy and I felt like a crystal clear glass wall. What a Valentines' Day!

Nevertheless, I thought the couple was friendly and approachable. I guess they are my 2nd and 3rd gay friends. The first was my colleague, who had a 10 year long relationship with another guy. The whole incident was an eye-opener for me. Call me mountain tortoise, but to think of it, how many of us get the chance to be so "upclose and personal" with gay couples?

There are just all sorts of people in this big big world and we'll never understand everyone of them.

February 13, 2006 @5:27 PM

Hurray! the flickr badge is finally up!! I've been trying to log in to flickr the whole morning! I logged in and tried to add a flickr slideshow in this blog. I succeeded but later came across this flickr badge which I thought would be nicer than the big slideshow that took up half a page in the blog! Im sooooooo haaaappppppyyyy nooooooww!!!

Im sure he'll like this! (I hope? haha!)

Alright, time for a jog and then a kBox session with the siao charbors! Ciao!

@1:26 PM

I want to dine in the sky.

February 12, 2006 @11:29 PM

What I've learnt after working for 9 days...

  1. Do not step into a Starhub shop and ask why your Singtel or M1 bill is overly charged and vice versa.
  2. Do not step into a hp shop w/o knowing its telco provider and worse, attempt to sign up a 2 yr contract of another telco after talking to the SAs for 15min.
  3. Do not take the words of the sales assistants (SAs) lightly. When they say you'll be charged, you'll be charged.
  4. Do not call up a handphone shop and ask for the tel no. of the Information Counter.
  5. Do not be rude when you are asking for a favour.
  6. Do compliment the SAs for their good service if possible. You'll brighten up their day.
  7. Do say 'Thank You' after your enquiries.
  8. Do clear your doubts before payment to avoid misunderstandings.
  9. Do pay attention when someone is answering your questions.
  10. Do accept the fact that prices rise and fall every now and then and stop complaining that u are cheated.

Well, so far so good =x


Anyway, recently I've been busy making peanut-choco-cocopop-tarts. I dunno what is its real name actually.

First, melt the chocolate bars using steam bath.

Next, pour in Coco Pops and roasted peanuts or almonds (you may want to replace coco pops and chocolate bars with conflakes and honey respectively). Mix well.

Lastly, sprinkle some coloured icing on each tart for asthetic purpose. Ta-da!

Can someone tell me what is this called? Not SHIT pls.

February 09, 2006 @11:31 PM

I actually tried to post some cny pics last wk or last last wk,
but my comp simply died on me after the long post I wrote.
Not gonna redo that again, its HELL.

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to all out there =)

I'll be back!

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