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November 27, 2006 @12:19 PM

My current wallpaper in line with the festive season to liven up the gloomy exam period!

Don't ya feel that Christmas is coming?

Don't ya feel like doing some Christmas shopping?

Don't ya feel like eating Christmas logcakes and turkey?



November 22, 2006 @11:16 PM

From $10! Warehouse sale

Enjoy warehouse sale, price from $10!

1. Genting Lane
- Venue

Price Club PTE LTD
19A Tannery Road, Singapore 347731

(Bus service : 8, 61, 64, 65, 66, 90, 151, 154)

- Period
till 26th Nov (Sun)

- Open hours
10:00 - 19:00 Daily

2. Yishun
- Venue

60 Yishun Avenue 4

(Bus Service : 812)

- Period
24th Nov (Fri) - 26th (Sun) Nov 3 Days ONLY

- Open hours
10:00 - 20:00

Pleaes note : All purchase in CASH & NETS Only. All stock subject to availability. First come first serve basis. Strictly no exchange or refund.

November 21, 2006 @5:07 PM

I am so sad because

I cannot go shopping
I have to do so many readings
I need to edit my essay again


I just checked my Gmail and saw a few messages from Friendster. All the recent new friend requests bore me. Can someone just drop me a testimonial to read so that I have something new to read besides History n Theory of Modern Arch, Ideas n Approaches to Design and Building Structures?!


The top 5 most visited site on my laptop these days are nonetheless (in no particular order)

1. ivle.nus.edu.sg
2. xchange.nus.edu.sg
3. www.google.com
4. www.wikipedia.org
5. www.gmail.com


Im currently experiencing a life so much more life-less than my weekly design homework.


November 18, 2006 @1:03 PM

From submission of design to crit to submission of portfolio, journals and reflection essay....


In a way, 2 of my modules in this sem is cleared. cleared unknowingly.

I think I did not do up to expectation for the crit. I cannot believe that after all the presentations I have done in the years of my education, I actually got so nervous during the crit that I said the wrong architect for the wrong house.


And I kept saying 45 deg instead of the 30-60 deg I drew, until the panel asked me is it really 45deg for 2 times then I say NO! ITS 30-60. and then they reminded me that I kept saying 45deg!? I seriously have no idea what I was talking about during the crit.



I hope I wont get barely a C, coz C is nothing but a PASS! I'll have to retake the module if I get anything below C. NO WAY.


this is worrying sia....

the no. of drop outs in aki is increasing every wk. scccccccccccccarrrrry!!

I don wanna drop aki!

I think even getting a B- is demoralising. but looks better than C.

I really think that other people have much better designs than me! I need a BREAK THROUGH! I NEED TO FIND MY STYLE! I NEED TO STAND OUT!!

Qingling said that I have ultra low self esteem and ultra high inferior complexity.

Maybe all I need is a lil' more confidence.



I have an essay final draft due today and I have yet to work on it. I don have the energy to get cracking! URGH. Submission for the essay is on 24th Nov. What rubbish right. Its so near my exams! I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!


I have so much to study for my remaining 3 papers! crazy.


I feel like Im having school holiday now hahaha! I just wanna take a looooooooooooooooong brk! I wanna go shoppppppppping, go watch mooooooovie, go overseeeeeeeeeeeeas, go anywhere do anything! I don mind just slacking my time away doing NOTHING. I just wan a gd long rest!

I wannnnnnn a brrreeeeaaaakkkkkkkkk!!!


im gg nuts.

November 14, 2006 @12:40 AM

Im hella H-A-P-P-Y NOW!

After 5 weeks of drawing, redrawing, making and remaking, THE BATTLE IS FINALLY OVER!


To think that I was so stressed up and on the verge on breaking down over the last 2 days, it all seem so dramatic now.

I nv fail to get cuts or blister whenever I make model. This is my latest cut!

Submission was supposedly due at 5pm today but at 12.30pm an email was sent out saying that submission is brought fwd by an hour!

The email struck us badly. We all go into a frenzy and started running instead of walking, tracing instead of drawing, making models instead of eating! I ate my brkfast while drawing and skipped lunch too, and even then, I could only complete my work slightly past 4pm.

I find the tutors really very unreasonable this time round. If not for e few students who happen to check their emails while taking a brk, nobody will know about the latest submission time. Many students who did their work at home did not recieve this news and thus submitted at 5pm. I think they were excused though.



As a celebration for the end of all e studio sessions in sem 1, my studio went Vivo City for a dinner at Carls Jnr, a lil' shopping for the girls and then followed by a VERY LOUSY MOVIE - The Covenant. THE SHOW IS DAMN DRAGGY! I fell asleep in the first 15min and my friend could summarised what I missed in just one sentence! Later on in the show I fell asleep again when the 2 guys were fighting in the room and when I woke up, they are still in the room fighting!




Uh! I haven slept for 41.5hrs in a row! I think I better have a good night sleep now.... ciao!

November 05, 2006 @1:48 AM

My latest creation - a new hp pouch!

I stuffed in cotton! *squeeze it!*

Come in to me...

*sucking in the hp and the pig*
The pig was too big to be sucked in...
By the way...
My DIY GMask! Hurray, i've used up the last piece of this strawberry skin!

Ooooh~ I simply love this weekend :D

The attempt to make origami model failed! wahaha~ I didnt bother to analyse it further so I threw away the paper, hehe! Making hp pouch is so much more interesting! YAY!

November 04, 2006 @2:32 PM

Before I begin this entry, lemme show you my dad's latest creation - the portable amplifier!

My sec2 jewellery box from GiftLand!

He added a switch and specially bought a blue bulb for aesthetic purpose!

And he connects...

ta-da! Connect it to ur portable music player today!

I think my dad is damn cute lah. He saw some forum online and learned from the people how they make their own amplifier with these cheap materials. I don really know how it works but apparently he brings it to work everyday with his discman. He claims that the music sounds better! HAHA! Soooooooooooooooo cute! He never fail to surprise me with his innovations man! I still rem how I failed to buy a new clock becoz of his creativity... hahahhaa! I wonder why I was never interested in engineering with a dad like him!

Today I feel so slack, but extremely comfortable!

I came home on thurs night, feeling all drained out by the only pathetic hr i slept the night before. YES! 1 hr! I slept for an hr on the chair while doing my model. I think that is called "doze off", not "sleep".

My hard work in the past few days was sort of paid off on thurs. Following the compliment by Dr Erwin on mon about me showing improvements in my line drawings and sensitivity to line weights, he said that i had done a very good precedent study on thurs :) Woohoo! He said he could see my joy of understanding through my handwriting.


Some of my studio mates were complaining that Erwin is biased. He tends to comment alot on those works by those people he likes and ignore (almost) the rest. (by the way, everyone thinks that he is a gay and is bias towards the guys... hurhur...) They said that Im a very lucky girl, that Im always lucky, that Im so lucky that Erwin notices me and bother to give me tips on how to improve my work.

Well. This can be interpreted in 2 ways.

Either they are truly envious that I've got more attention from Erwin or they are implying that I have no talent, only luck.

It doesnt matter to me how it should be interpreted, 'cause I had put in that much effort in exchange for his words. I choose to believe that he is a man of his words, that he only comment on works that are worth commenting, like he always say. Furthermore, he don't only comment on my work! He comment on everyone's work and there are defintely people doing a better job than me in the studio! What I feel is that he probably sees my effort and the potential to develop my ideas, thats all!

Some of my friends from other studios are really talented. Im always fascinated by their ideas and their ability to think and analyse architecture. I wonder where they get the time to read so much. Talking to them or even sharing ideas with them always make me appear so shallow! They are like sitting comfortably at the peak of the hill while Im still finding my way up to the mid-point. Perhaps instead of using the time to blog, they read. Hur Hurrrrr....


Anyway, I went Vivocity with my parents for dinner yesterday. It had been more than 2 weeks since I last had a meal with them. As a result, I missed my favourite ch8 9pm drama! It was the last episode!!! I knew it but I cant give up the chance to eat with them just because of a TV show right! Haiya. what to do. It was a time well spent with my parents but... WHAT HAPPENED IN THE SHOW LAST NIGHT??? Can someone please update me?? Thanks!

Ouside Vivocity with mum. Dad testing the camera functions -_-"

Im supposed to go to the library this morning but I just cant be bothered. I slept for as long as I can and ate as much as I can the whole day. I just need a break. Currently Im exploring a new way of model making - origami models. I saw it on the net and find it very interesting and if I succeed in doing this, I'll be the first in the studio, or maybe the entire level, to make origami model. HEH!


I stared at the picture the entire day but am still clueless about the lines to cut. I don even have the dimensions of the building! Urgh. Perhaps this is why Im taking my own sweet time to do it, coz its not a compulsory model to make, just doing it out of interest sake.

I feel so like myself in my JC times. idling my time away in blogger while doing my tutorial halfway. The home is always so comfortable :)

Oh yah! I went to Vivocity's Candy Empire yest and got myself 2 mint chocolates! A KING SIZE Kit Kat Mint Crisp Crunch and FOX Mint Choc bar. Heh.


I think I gotta go eat the choc then cont on that origami model before reaching toa payoh at 5.30pm for dinner with my parents. I gotta visit my cousin's grandmother in the hospital who met a car accident last week. Scary. For 2 consecutive weeks I hrd of unfortunate cases whenever I come home. First was the death of my neighbour then this grandma who got knocked down by the car.

Life is fragile. Pls take care of yourself, everyone!

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