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March 25, 2007 @5:49 PM

I've been losing track of time again.

Skipped Bio lecture (as i always do, but not what I always want) on Fri and started the mailbox construction with Minl, Dish n Qingl (yeah Im Yut). God knows why I started sneezing during the tutorial in the morning and the flu bug came attcking throughout the day.

Imagine the inconvenience caused at the dusty workshop. Stupid nose. I drew the measurements on the 8" x 4" plywood and sort out the detailings and joints while the 3 of them headed for the workshop.

All the drillings and sawing and sanding and filing took our Fri night away. We left the studio at 11.40pm.

I met Yiwei n Dish on sat morning to buy acrylic from Da Ma Pte Ltd at Ubi (Ay, we bought our plywood from Eunos). Their service was really good and the acrylic was cheaper than we expected. Interested parties can contact me for their contact no..

We slogged for the entire Sat. I thought we could finish the construction at 6pm but NO! We only complete the mailbox at 6am on Sunday! My goodness. We worked non-stop for like 18 hrs? The consolation is that we managed to finish it b4 we left home, 'coz we were the first grp to complete the mailbox among those who stayed behind on Sat.

Poor Minl had to spend her first 6 hrs of her birthday doing mailbox!
Currently we are left with 2 coats of varnish to apply, the base of the mailbox to sand, an A3 process journal to compile and 2 A1 panels to complete by Wed, 11am. Oh yes, we can do it!

Despite the tremendous work and the 30+ bucks (Gilbert's grp spent >$200 for the mail box material!) each of us had to contribute to the proj, I think I had a great experience. Its not often to see your own design becoming a reality, furthermore a 1:1 design and construct by yourself. The 1:10 model I did for the proposal now looked so cute standing beside the 1:1 real mail box.


On the other hand, my P3:boat station submission is drawing near! 5th April! Gosh. I have yet to finalised my form and structure! Its killing me big time. How on Earth am I going produce 1:50 site model, 1:50 boat station and 6 A1 panels by then!

Headache. My skin is going to age due to severe lack of sleep!

March 23, 2007 @12:45 PM

My boat station seems to be getting somewhere.
My mailbox design was chosen!

I was shopping with my mum at LVER (Vivocity's) and the salesgirl recommended us 4 or 5 tops. As we all know, the Japanese designer for LVER has a fetish for lightweight and unique clothing and I quite like the apparels there but definitely not the price. As expected, I gave in to a tube top and my mum was preparing like a $50 note or NETS for the payment.

"$9.90 please."

My mum and I go HUH? LOL!!! Damn funny lah our reaction at the same time! The salesgirl then explained that the top was on a 70% discount! WOOHOOO! I shd have bought another speg top too lah! Its only $12.90 after discount! Urgh!

I wonder if the LVER at Bugis has such gd deals too! hehe.

We went Daiso after that. Oh man, I simply love DAISO to bits! They sell those wooden chips for model making! Muahahaa! Bad thing is that they sell in standard sizes, which may b of no use sometimes. Their $2 grided ruler was kinda useful in aki, so much so that my friends asked me to get one for them too hehe! Oh, they also sell the handsaw at $2! Just what we need at this pt of time for the mailbox construction! Woohoo! Last but not the least, they also sell circular stencils with radius markings for SGD 2!!! My dear friend bought it from Art friend for >10 bucks!

I love Daisoooooooooooooooo much!

March 18, 2007 @4:16 PM

I cant seem to get started on my boat station construction.

this semester is really not that exciting anymore. I seem to be running out of ideas, or feel limited by the site conditions. I feel quite lost, really.

What is material and materiality? Forms, spaces, voids, volumes, planes, lines, dots and whats not.

You put a wall here, they question you why
the thickness,
the height,
the length,
the orientation,
the poetic appreciation,
the function,
the space it created.

Do you want to show the volume or the space, or to frame the scenery across the river?

OH COME ON! ITS JUST A FREAKING PLAIN WALL! And I have tons of them! Must each wall have an answer to everything? Then can I not have walls!? Just design a pavillion lah!

My head is going to explode anytime with all the questions bombed at my boat station. I have to convince myself the design b4 I can convince people! But I am so not convinced! I am really worried that I will have to start from scratch again, coz that will be back to square ONE, doing site analysis, then concept, then ideas...


I haven't even decide on the form, how can I decide on my materials and detailings? This is really not interesting at all!

No wonder not many students who took architecture ended up being architects. There's so much to take into consideration!

Urban planners have a better life off i feel.
Landscape architects too.
Interior designers not that bad too.
Product designers are more flexible too.
Set designers are even better, no real site for analysis!
Architecture critic sounds good too.

I really don think I'll take the Masters prog immediately after my 4th year. I'll probably find a job and work for 2 or 3 years and when I have saved enough, then I'll go overseas for Masters, thats if I have decided to be an architect!

I would really like to travel ard the world to see those renowned architecture. They are really amazing and inspirational. I wonder how different will I feel when I step into the architecture. Those who had seen them said that the spatial experience is beyond words. I ALSO WANT TO EXPERIENCE GOOD ARCHITECTURE!!

Oh money, pls drop from the sky!!

March 11, 2007 @11:50 AM

I hate Biology! I REALLY DO!!!!
I rather you kill me than to take another Science module next time, even if it is a popular CAP-puller or whatever shit. Its like back to JC doing things I really hate to do and it sucks.

March 10, 2007 @11:25 AM

I think i cannot overwork, coz my stamina doesnt allow me to do so. After working non-stop for a few nights, I seem to be slowing down now and beginning to slack away.

But I have so much things to do! bah bah bah.

Yesterday I was kinda pissed with a friend. Really spoilt my day man. I guess she is the first perosn whom i've came across as ultra strong-headed. Nice at times, but really, hard to get along sometimes too. I feel that being with her I have to compromise this n that, have to be so careful with words, with expression.. ahhhhhhhhhh. I don wan to friend you lah!

I complaint to Minling on the way home yest evening. felt so much better. at least someone knows what i had gone thru in the day. It sucks to bottle things up. ahhhhhhhhhhh sucky friday i have, you know?

I wonder how is it like to be a loner. I guess the freedom one gets would be so much more. Yet on the other hand, a loner has no one to share his/her compaints with!

Or maybe, loners learnt not to complain.

Freedom. How do we attain that? When we were young we say we want our parents to give us more freedom. Then as we grow up we ask for freedom from our other halves. Yet when men grow old, all he ask for is a companion.

Vicious cycle.

I wonder how is it like to be single and available. Nowadays new status like Single but Not Available, Attached but Still Available make relationships so complicated.

I have a male friend who is single and eagerly (not desperately)looking for a girlfriend. He is Single and Very Available.

I have another male friend who had recently turn Single but still keep the photo of the ex gf in his wallet. He is Single but Not Available.

A friend of mine used to have a boyfriend in the army but had recently broken up too. She fell for another man in the studio.

2 couples in aki 1 were formed within the first 5 weeks of the semester. The wonders of the studio.

Uni life is so happening. Besides the moutain of workload I see many faces of life too, thanks to the different kinds of people who made my life in sch so interesting.

Some people are just so anti-gov, racist, flirt, stubborn, gentlemanly, loud, bold, reserved, blunt, outcast, stressful, lady-like, overconfident, humble, rich, act rich, entrepreneurial, helpful, concern with helping the society and so on.

Sometimes it just feel as if Im stepping into a whole new world.
Sometimes I just have the urge to start anew and afresh, as a whole, as one.
Sometimes I just cannot be bothered with little things anymore, coz they are just taking up my time.

I often wonder how things would have been different if this and that hadnt happened, if I didnt do this or that, if this or that is actually unnecessary in my life currently etc.

Some external forces are pushing me to my limits. Life is complicated when I start to think so deep. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

Im going for lunch b4 heading back to sch again. YES! START WORKING!

March 03, 2007 @12:03 AM

  1. Lemme introduce to u Mr Daniel Henney who has an American dad and a Korean mum!
  2. Handsome American expat working in Korea as model/actor! You shd hear him speak! Awwwwwwwwww! He appeared in Esprit and Biotherm ads too! Im so captivated by his electrifying eyes!
  3. ***melted***
  4. I've watched 3 movies this week! Hannibal Rising, Seducing Mr Perfect and Protege, all in reverse order of preference.
  5. Let me repeat, Hannibal Rising sucks! 2.5hr long made it worse.
  6. It was my 2nd movie with aki friends and also the 2nd lousiest movie I've watched in my life. The first one was Covanagh, also watched with the same group of ppl! Urgh.
  7. Daniel Henney is soooooooooooooooo handsome charming good-looking well-build seductive and attractive in SEDUCING MR PERFECT!
  8. I think the value of the show would have gone down by 10 folds if not for his appearance!

  1. I feel like doing a g-mask for my laptop. Any idea whats the price for a 12.1" lappy?
  2. I will be having the best part of my design module these weeks coz we're finally getting down to start our design for the boat station!
  3. Give me some creative juices!
  4. Urgh. My aki construction grp gotta design n build a 1:1 mailbox real soon. Headache.
  5. I need to interview somebody regarding a HR topic on appraisal and performance management n compensation! Any idea who can I approach?

  1. Im still having shopping moods!
  2. Shd I get that top from Topshop?
  3. I don't miss singing anymore.
  4. I wanna go shopping!!!
  5. I cant wait for Sunday! We r gg to one of the coffee shop opp TJ for western food! It was advertised on ch8's "xia yi zhan, chi she me" by Desmond Koh and Jamie Zhao. The food looked really good! Esp when the chef previously worked in a 5* hotel!
  6. Cheap and delicious....... MY FAVOURITE!!!!!


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