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June 28, 2005 @6:39 PM

It had only been less than 2 wks since I last posted. Many (to the power of many) things, ranging from D.I.Y study-lamp n stool, washing the corridor, Fathers' Day present, free makeover session @ Cover Looks, 7 days non-stop Amore craze all the way to my current fever, could actuallly happened within this short period of time. Im too lazy, even to summarise, the details of everything here. I have photographs to upload, but again, LAZY is the word. I need a gd long break....





Siao eh!!! WaKe UP!!! U've flunked 3 papers!! Whats with the long brk thingy!??! Only after Thur's Maths C paper then u are FREE! Get it?!






Good Night.

June 16, 2005 @10:33 PM

I was reading the pathetic 38 testimonials I had in my Friendster account then I realised how much some things had changed.

I miss the ex 30/04. I miss our super slack and go-at-ur-own-pace timetable; I miss them calling me Miss Hun Luan; I miss every moment I spent with them.

I miss my old friends. I miss Gina, bumble, Ivan n Qilun. I miss the times they comfort me when I was down; the times we havoc in Karaoke, the times we always used "我很有想法的".

I miss Jasmin. We havent meet up for a long time. It didnt occur to me that we are that close when we were in the same sec sch, not until we meet up during our first yr in college. True friends are there for u always, b happy for you when u achieved ur goal. I really felt happy for her during the SYF earlier this year. Girl, how have you been?

I miss my former sec4 classmates, esp Cailin. I missed sitting beside her and all the nonsense we had. I wont forget how blur the 2 of us can be and how we needed Elyn n Pamela to unsolved those stupid "mysteries" we created on our own. We can practically joke sth out of nothing. Ah... I miss those times....

I miss my old self. "cute", "bubbly" and "cheerful" were the adjectives used by my friends in their testimonials for me. However as I read further to those newer ones, Gosh. The words "fierce" and "stern" took over. What had happened to me?! Am I possessed or what!!!

Although all these can only be fond memories kept at the back of my head, I have to move on with my life. Fortunately, I have Kudamono giving me energy and joy to spice up my super-ultra-duper-cmi-tabuleh tahan-sickenning JC life! (Heh, I nv missed u guys out k! Ay how can i miss u all when i can see u all most of the time! Just a statement to satisfy u fruities la! Muahahaha!)

June 14, 2005 @11:42 AM

Argh. When will my comment box be back? Cant rem the password for my tag-board admin panel. Wanted to change the 200 word limit thou. forget it, I'll do it here.

To Monos: C'mon la! We can do it man! I thot u all would be uncertain coz of the $20 , who knows its the Amazing Race! You guys are rich huh... Amazing Race is NO KICK alright? Have SOME CONFIDENCE! So are we going on the 2nd July?

To Liujun: Woah.. Glass House ah.. Can I have somewhere near Taka that area? hahaha.. talking bout procrastination, Im supposed to start my revision after my SYF la! end up only started during week 3 of hol! Great~ Jiayou Jiayou Jiayou!!

To Tricia: Why glad that I saw Fazly? Hahaha, we nv really chat, merely "Hey! Long time no see! Bye bye!" hahaha! I hope to see u all soon in the nx gathering! U organise la! =)

oh btw, I just came back from Amore! Woke up at 8am today okay! don play play.... {-_-''}

June 13, 2005 @10:48 PM

Gosh, I slacked again. Computer is the worse thing one shd touch in the middle of his/her revision. It is so powerful that the rest of the revision for the day will simply be procrastinated. Oh no no..

I didnt go Amore as planned too. But I have a reason! My dad brought dinner home ultra late today, hence disrupted my plans for the 8pm New Body session @ Amore. There's a link okay...

Oh. To dear Monos, would u all like to do some charity for $20? Its some Amazing-Race-alike thingy at Sentosa and you get to enjoy their Beach Party after the race! Click here for more details! (I find it abit ex la.. but the beach party sounds nice? The cheapo way would be to go there n have our own "party" but borrow their loud music? haha)

Is there any Fish n Co. in Orchard?

@5:39 PM


I just cant resist the temptation to blog, especially after so many things had taken place!

FIRST n FOREMOST , I can officially THROW AWAY THE GUITAR CLUB ATTENDANCE LIST! Wooosh! Alright, maybe thats not the crucial issue. Lets be frank. I can finally get rid of the MASK I've been wearing for nearly a year. I hate the look of a fierce, strict, irritating, disciplined and any other negative adjectives that u can think of to describe the looks of a disciplinarian. All the best to my juniors, esp the one taking over my duties. Wahahahaha!

I am back to my old self!! Guo Yuting, SssssCcccRrrrrEAM!!!!!!!!!!

Nevertheless, despite the false front I had to put up, I hope that all my efforts put in hadn't gone into waste and probably gained respect from my peers along the way (",) The committee went Swensons@Changi Airport for dinner on the day we officially stepped down. We had a great dinner n the talk after that made us all felt much bonded than before. Thou the bonding came a lil' late, but its better than never, right??! Im glad that the muskebbits were formed too =)

And so that marks a beautiful ending to my Guitar life in TJ.

Secondly, did I mention that I Love Dark Chocolates?
The darker the better (",)

Amore is going to benefit from this. Haha!
I've decided to go
Amore EVERDAY, at least for this week! The reason is obvious =X

Lastly, for JCT...


I shall continue to Mug Hard. Yes............

June 09, 2005 @11:44 PM

So much debates and talks about the issue on Apple using Intel chips. But who cares. I think it's great to see some interesting comic clip or even a 3D movie clip (Very impressive! and cute too! haha) on this issue.

*This movie takes time to load, so be patient.

Oh I almost miss this interesting banner out.

June 06, 2005 @10:08 PM

I've got my new specs. Yup, surprise revealed (duh). I was happy 'bout it for a moment but very soon later I was feeling down, just like now...

I wanna study. I gotta study. I have no time. I cant wait till camp is over. It will be too late by then. I know. I understand. But I cant concentrate at all. Time is running out. Im so dead.

Whats the point of grumbling, u may ask.
Just let me rant alright?

I saw the advertisement on RafflesDesignInstitute today. Is that why Im distracted?

Maybe I shdnt have bought The Straits Times.

June 05, 2005 @11:43 PM

I had a great time with kidamonos today! My cheeks feels hot now WOohoO! Lalalala~ We'll have another tanning session at Sentosa nx Sun heh! Oh, we also went to the theme park (?!) at Jurong today. It was quite fun la, but we went too late i guess hehe.. but thats not the END! We even chiong down to Bugis to shop! OMG.. its as if we will die w/o shopping haha~ Anyway, hope my tan will last long this time haha..

Great day spent!

Oh did i mention bout those tattooed brothers? oooooh... May i pray for world peace =x How scary to see them twice in a day...

June 02, 2005 @12:19 PM

I have my dream boy too~~~~~~~~~~

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Either case, Korean rawks! heh!


I have many things undone. Many places to go. Many stuffs to buy. Yet Very little time. ...............Thousand Sighs.....................


Please get my engine started for JCT. Im looking fwd to a mugger's life.


I wanna put on make-up!! Please give me a chance to doll up.


Please spare me some cash to get my tee from Bugis Village


and many more.


June 01, 2005 @10:58 PM

I just finished watching Shutter and My Sassy Girl. Totally different genre. But both were great movies! And the funny thing is, I didn't watch both of them before. Such nice movies and I never watch before?! What a joke! Now I'm in a "My Sassy Girl" mood. The male actor, Kyun-woo, is so sweet and thoughtful and everything you can think of. The female actor, The Girl, is just so pretty. You can easily fall for her I bet! And yes, her name in the show is "the girl"! No joke! But her real name is Ji-hyun Jun, that I know! She acted in Windstruck too! Haha. Okay enough of her, or else someone else will get jealous. Hee. Eh. Anyone got Windstruck VCD/DVD to lend? Haha!

Before I end, I shall post some great photos of them! Haha!!! Don't be jealous!

She's my dream girl now! HAhaha!






@7:11 PM

It's just 3D2N at camp and it seems like years. Somehow I seems to have lost contact with IT. I'm still doing alot of catching up of those sites that I always visits, blogs, news sites, apple related websites and others. I can't imagine the days that I'll be in BMT. Weekend will be my IT days. And.. got to spend time with HER too! Haha. I didn't forget what I say!

Anyway, the camp's over. Sadly to say, this means my time in AVC is over too. Seriously, although there were ups and downs for me in AVC, but I still really enjoy this period of time. Yesterday, I just didn't feel like going home. I just want to stay in the clubhouse. I can enjoy the aircon there, watch tons of VCDs, stare at those mics and mic stands, admire those drawings on the whiteboard, and also just sit on the sofa and rot. Our clubhouse is just like a heaven in school. I'm not exaggerating. We even have a PC too. And most importantly, we can blast MUSIC, not with our Hi-Fi set, but with our super blackbox! Well, all these are going to be gone. I just hope my juniors will lead the club well and year 1 intake next year will be good.. I love AVC.

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