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February 26, 2005 @11:38 PM


just change all the blue parts to milky yellow n the orange to grey! (but my tick is white n the shoelaces are milky yellow)

But I don mind any of these too...

February 24, 2005 @7:45 PM

the Raffles Design Institute (formerly known as Raffles Lasalle-SIA) replied my email! the sch fees for the 2 yr Advanced Diploma Course in Interior Design (Full-time) is $37,000. To proceed on to con't their 1 year Bachelor(Hons) of Arts (InteriorDesign), the sch fee will be $16,500. The degree is awarded by Curtin University of Austrialia (ranked 3rd in Aust) and is recognised at international level.

On the other hand, because the Govt provides tuition grants in NUS, the school fee payable by NUS undergraduates in the School of Design n Environment will be $5930 per year (instead of $21,630 w/o tuition grants, which is more ex than Raffles!) to attain a BA(Hons) of Architecture after 4 years. Same for BA(Hons) of Industrial Design.

It is obvious which is cheaper. However, to attain the same BA(Hons) deg, Raffles Design Institute takes 1 yr less than the NUS route. Furthermore, one is what im interested in and the other is what i ask myself to be interested in because it is the most similar coursework (thou i still think there's a huge diff!) provided by the school whose students will have, supposedly, a BRIGHT FUTURE.

Dad, when are u going to stop ur rubbish and think straight like a modern father? From Sec3 subj streaming to JC to now, Uni? Wake Up!

February 17, 2005 @10:17 PM

It wasnt the best time of our lives,
but it was the best 14 Feb we had.

I shall now proclaim that StarShot will be an annual event! (Muahahahaha! b*b*... bless you!)

Cant help staring at the...
... red thing in my wallet
... yellow thing on my feet n the...
... pink thing with a bunch of 3 round things on top of my cabinet

last but not least,
the ORANGE thing on my bed.

Oh, restaurants nowadays are really cunning. You are limited to their Special Sets if u make reservation. Haha no.1! And you won't know the menu till the min u step in. How exciting! Haha no.2! Thank god the meal was eatable. ok fine, Superb! And i get to eat ice cream cake!! thats the best thing! YoohoO! Yupz, $75.75 for that pair of couple glass! Haha no.3!

Hahaha.. not to forget that flowers-to-temple joke... WAHahaahahaha!

* 14 Feb? nothing special,
bcause everyday is Valentines' Day (^.^) *

ok lah, i dont get presents n ice cream cakes everyday. just wanna put that cliche can?!

February 13, 2005 @7:33 PM

tml is the day
the day i'll end my sorrows
the day where ppl get their songs played to their loved ones
the day ppl receive their balloons of love
the day u know how swt ur loved ones can be...
or cant be?

Good Luck!

i kinda lost all the enthusiasm...
perhaps its gd for me to stay this way.
the higher u expect,
the greater u fall...

... and it hurts.

February 12, 2005 @6:31 PM

Enjoy these flash movies! LOL!

February 09, 2005 @6:19 PM

Hohoho.. its the First day! Yep, ppl come and leave earlier each year. I have to entertain practially no one from 1.30pm onwards, except for my 2 closest cousins from my father's side. We watched STAIRWAYS to HEAVEN. haha What a New Year. Now im waiting for my mother's side family to come. Anyway the angbaos collected today seemed to be much lesser than previous years? Hope each of them are "fatter" thou hehe. Is the economy really that bad?

My 2 closest cousins =)

We will be 18 in the Year of Rooster!

poor mama.. gotta cook n make coffee for everyone. basically she's the Queen in the kitchen today. A toast to MAMA!

Mama @ work! Shhhhhh.... Don't play play.. her cuttlefish congee is delicious k! She's famous for that on Chinese New year!

Might as well take more photos since im so free at home... the CNY deco in my house not bad leh..

Yeah! Time for a break!!

February 08, 2005 @7:44 PM

Today is the Eve of CNY! Ended sch at 8.35am but for no reason i stayed back for 2 hrs before heading to Bedok library. No life? Fine.

Now I've got a book to read and STAIRWAYS TO HEAVEN VCD to watch! A Million Thousand Thanks to Jasmin! muahaha!

Yes! I've bought that red heart-shaped flurry "carpet"! dumb dumb.. could have gotten it at $15 during xmas! Come on, lets not resist any SALE the nx time!

Less than 24hrs before we move on to the Year of Rooster. HEH! To have a taste of the roosty year, i bought this lil' ang moh rooster figurine to accompany my new clock =)


Hmm. Hope that i can catch a movie during this CNY. heh. Lots of movie to watch! I wanna watch...
(1) Shall We Dance?
(2) I do I do
(3) Seoul Raiders
(4) some korean movie.. dunno what memories what.. haha...

and many many more!

February 07, 2005 @11:37 PM

We've won!


No doubt!

The Champion in Beta Intra House Touch Rugby Competition!

06/04 simply rox!

3 cheers n 3 cheers n 3 cheers for Shaza!

Well done, girls!!

That was the only thing that make me smile today..!

February 05, 2005 @1:55 AM

Attended the last Korean lesson today. Sigh. I guessed i've fell in love with Korea - the place, the language, the dramas, the culture etc. How time flies. I've been on this 10-wk course since last nov. hmm. the thought of not meeting the teacher n clsmates anymore saddens me a lil'.

the teacher was nice. She gave us mandarin oranges and a sweet from korea which taste like pop-corn to me. At the end of the lesson, she gave everyone a postcard written in korean language. How thoughtful of her! Im so so so so determined to brush up on my basic korean and take up the intermediate course this year end! YES! im adding that to my 2005 resolution!!

Im a Korea-freak!

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