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June 25, 2006 @1:56 PM

I was packing the bags in my wardrobe when I came across ...

this mess of watches.

And I spotted an all time classic...

a red authentic Minnie Mouse watch which was bought nearly 12 years back! Yes, I still keep the receipts of many watches I bought, thats if they come in proper packaging.

The watch is still in tip top condition except that the battery had stopped working. Maybe I should consider selling it. Heh.

Next up, another watch from the 90s. Pretty box huh, guess whats inside?

ta-da! A heart-shaped face watch with 6 interchangeable face borders and 5 belts! Guess where I bought it from?

The long lost BEST CONNECTION. Does it ring a bell?
I wonder why they sell watches in an electrical store then.

Out of the blue I recalled a Flik Flak I have when I was young. It was probably the first Swiss watch I had in my life. Mama bought it for me because it had a numerial dial that goes 5, 10, 15 etc on the outer rim, which was gd for practising maths (-_-") It looks something like that:

Okay, back to my watches. After sorting some of the cases, I've decided to give "The most environmental friendly design" to Mr Nike!

Not only does the shape stands out from the rest, it also has a practical use. The pot-liked shape container could be used as a flower pot as shown below the tick. Environmentally creative, isn't it?

Coming up, "The Attitue design" goes to Mr Adidas!

The way it slants up and showcase the watch right on your face reflects a strong characteristic and blunt attitude. Awesome.

Lastly, "The most Orbiang Award" goes to 2 cases from Casio, BabyG-File and BabyG-Cool.

I bet the other pakaging of my 1st BabyG will also receive the same title if I had not misplaced it. The longer one in the photo was from G-cool and I thought it was the best looking one out of the 3 BabyGs I have. Well, given that Casio had many many series after G-cool, these cases I have should therefore be considered as "orbiang", if not "retro".

Thats all folks! Good bye!

June 23, 2006 @11:47 PM

Stephen Colbert is damn good at adding weight to any piece of worthless news you n I can think of. Check out the homo-sexy edition below.

June 17, 2006 @10:03 PM

#1 : I love saturday morning.

Today was my first korean lesson! Wooooohoooo!!! When I made my payment 3 weeks ago, I was told that I will not be taught by Pak sen seh nim again but to my surprise, the latter came to class today! The admin staffs then told us that there were some last minute changes with the teachers' schedule so ... YEP! It was a wonderful mistake made, well, for me at least.

I think the reason I was so enthusiastic about korean class is that it gives me the chance to put my korean to use. We spoke 80% korean in class and learn new words every minute (and i literally mean EVERY MINUTE). I also enjoy making new friends in class who share the same interest and speak broken-korean through the learning journey. I simply love speaking korean to my classmates because we understand and are not afraid to make mistakes. I think that is one important learning spirit.

The greatest joy came when just before I left the room, Pak sen seh nim said, "Its been a long time", with a smile. She remembers me!!! I didnt expect her to remember me out of her hundreds student. It had been 18 months after all. Woohoooo~! I love Pak sen seh nim!!!! I will do my best in these 10 weeks!

#2 : Renoma.

I bought a new wallet today! It took me several months to find one to my liking, has many card slots and of my preferred size. I found it at the Renoma counter at Takashimaya today! The best thing was that I got it at half the usual price! Muahahaha! This wallet is my earliest birthday present I've ever received too. Super duper ultra early x100 lah! Nevertheless, thank you :)

#3 : Fathers' Day.

I bought my dad a Parker pen for Fathers' Day. I hope he will like it, given that he can be quite picky, no, VERY PICKY. It has his name engraved on it too! He better like it.

June 14, 2006 @11:44 PM

I can't believe that Daniel Franco lost to Santino this week! Gosh. Santino obviously was a coward who broke down at the eleventh hour and then blamed Emmet for not having enough experience in lingerie design. For goddness sake, even the judges thought that Santino's designs were clownish and overdoing! How could you have won Daniel this round! ARGH!! I felt so unfair for Daniel!

Santino's Lingerie Collection

VS Daniel Franco's Collection

Like how Nina Garcia puts it, though Daniel's ideas were too common, they were more sophisticated and classy than San's. Furthermore, at least he owned up to his mistakes and do not wish to see any of his team mates to leave the runway. The ladies were so touched by Daniel's words that they teared on the runway! His strong-headedness might had pissed off Chloe and Kara in the process but when the ladies saw the final product, werent they impressed by Daniel's design too?

Chloe wasnt even happy that she got into the next round. She said, "Daniel was such a nice person and this was more important than being a great designer!" Well said! Unlike Santino who only wants to win, Daniel is so much more humane! Even Tim Gunn complimented that Daniel left the runway with the greatest dignity and was proud of him!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! I dislike Santino! Right from the episode on barbie collection I knew he was the competitive sort. "Well, I've been living with thousands of barbies since young" Eeeeewww!!!

Its not that I supported Daniel, but I admire his courage to return to the runway in season 2, despite being the first to be eliminated in the previous season. He believed that he did not develop his potential to the fullest and he wants to prove the judges wrong this time round. Well, I think he did it. Go go Daniel Franco!! Come back in Season 3!

Now I hope that Chloe will win the runway! I love her designs! They are fabulous. She even scored the highest in episode 2! Well done, Chloe!!

@4:05 PM

I stayed up till 6am yesterday to finish Princess Hours. I didnt cry like how I did for My Girl, but it was quite a touching ending still. Im now watching a Taiwanese drama by Rainie Yang - 恶魔在身边,courtesy of Davina. So far so good, and Rainie is super kawaii!!!

一个人怎么会长得那么可爱?! Rainie 可爱得太夸张了吧!Anyway, here's a glimpse of the show, enjoy!

June 12, 2006 @2:26 PM

Why am I blogging at 2.43am!?

Because the 9th disc of Princess Hours (궁) is screwed!! My CPU made a funny sound after I insert the disc, something like the sound of the disc spinning, then dropping (along hitting other technical parts in the CPU) and finally the writer shoot out after a loud POM!

I refused to give up hope, so I inserted the disc into my lappy. It was better, at least it made less noise and could show the menu before it hanged.

I decided to try disc 10 on my comp. It works perfectly! Does it mean that my 9th disc is faulty? OH NO PLEASE DON'T!!! I DON WANNA MISS 3 EPISODES!! Its the CLIMAX!!!


To use this time while I get into sleepy mode, I shall start blogging about Princess Hours (궁). I never regret buying the show, though I must admit that the first few episodes were pretty boring, which explained why I took about 1 month to finish the first 3 disc. I think I got addicted to it from the 6th episode onwards, where Xin started to fell for Caijing before Lu confessed to the latter. Okay, you may think that this is just another love triangle, but HEY, there's more to it! Xin's ex-gf was being used by Lu's mother to overthrow Xin (he was the prince then. a.k.a potential King) and eagerly promote her son for the position. Lu was supposed to be made the King and subsequently Caijing's husband, if not for his father's death...

I can go on n on about the show but you will never get it unless u watch it for yourself. Anyway, I think it will be showing on Channel U soon. AHHHH. I WANT TO WATCH 궁 !! GrrrrrrrrR :(

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On a totally irrelevant note, I bought The Skivvy (12") for my lappy last thursday! I think the size is just nice for the 12.1" screen and the adaptor. Anyway the medium size was too big for my build. Oh, check out the crumpler website, its cute! My dad commented "siao website!" when he last visited! ;)

Last but not least, I can't wait to go KL with muskebbits!!! Im so excited about it! I'm sure we'll have a great time there :) 28-30th Jun, here we come!! WoooohoooooO!

June 06, 2006 @12:04 PM

I finally packed my bags! From this chunk of mess

to 2 neat piles =) *sense of achievement*

Oh well, I think I gotta spend my time at home snapping some photos of my bag for eBay. Its time to clear stock! Anyway, I was upset to know that my fav bag, the cresent moon straw bag that I've always been using, is going to its deathbed!

At least I've loved it, pampered it and used it till it spoils. I love this bag :(

Anyway, I bought this bag today! I like its retro feel, heh! I think those pvc retro sports rectangular shoulder bag are too common these days, at least 4 in 10 u see in Orchard Rd are using it! At least mine's a unique oval shaped, what about yours? ;)

Actually I really feel sth for all my bags. I can remember how much each costs, where and when I bought them. I will try my best to be fair to each of them by changing the bag I carry very frequently! It may sound insane but thats my way to take care of all my bags. Of course I'll used some of them more often but thats because those bags can match any outfit more easily than others.

I sound so crazy. Me, talking about bags, about my feelings towards non-living things. Gosh. Maybe nx time I'll talk about my feelings towards watches and shoes. I hope it wont happen though. Thats madness.

Leopard: Thanks for ur concern, Im so touched! I love you!*flying kiss to tampines*
Rosie: Im sick of withdrawing money but not shopping for now. Why not u pay for me lah?
Becca: sore throat, cannot sing lah. No money also, but Im very interested. haha!
jiawei: Sorry, I've watched OMEN today! I think its not as nice as I expected, I prefer Exorcism of Emily Rose.

@10:18 AM

I'm sick and I dislike sore throat.

I want to

NB: Gina, Sf n Cailin pls make urselves available on 17th Jun! Its our regular clique's outing! Liren will settle the regular guys :)

June 05, 2006 @12:19 AM

Woohoo! I finally bought my i-steroid 1R on the last day of the PC Show!
And the tuner looks like this in the dark...

And it matches my calendar and clock!

Talking about clock, can you spot the error?

Yes, my creative dad replaced the original mechanic with that of an ordinary alarm clock...

When 2 becomes 1 = No new clock for me

Nevertheless, I love the black and white scheme - the white i-steroid, my black mp3 player, the white calendar and the black n white clock. Kinda retro eh? I just luuuuuuurve it :)

By the way, Im officially unemployed now :)

June 02, 2006 @11:30 PM

Forget about the daytime. I'm sick n tired of all those shit I've got. Mentally traumatised. Its my own fault after all. NEVER TELL LIES, kids.

Here I shall present you my first notebook - Samsung Q35T000

The sad thing is, it is not white in colour. The good thing is, I can trust Samsung for its design, be it handphone, TV or notebooks. Im not biased towards Korean brand huh.. I don't like LG.

Another piece of good news (for me, that is) is that my intermediate korean class will finally commence on the 10th or 17th Jun!! I've miss many intermediate classes due to the preparation for 'A's and then my work schedule! I was over the moon when I received the call from Cambridge Language! Woohoo! Time to start my revision!

@12:38 PM

The guilt is killing me.

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