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March 27, 2006 @11:57 AM

A plain tote was given free with very purchase of Lux Shower Cream. I thought it looked too boring and decided to give it a new look! So, I began my hands-on since 11pm last night and guess what time did I stop?

6.00 a.m. this morning!

My grandma was shocked to see me awake at 4a.m. Mother was surprised that I could stay up the whole night. Dad couldnt find a reason why I "woke up" so early today!

My 7 hours of sheer hardwork!

Its not that I'm a super woman, but I just can't put myself to bed when I'm halfway through a project! I can't wait to see the finished product! The sequined "QUEEN" took me at least 5 hours! Imagine sewing the sequins one by one.... Awwwwwwwww!

I thought I could carry the new tote today BUT all thanks to the weather, my tanning session is cancelled and the new baby is not going anywhere! Boo.

I then slept from 6.30a.m till 10.30am. Freaking 4 pathetic hours! I hope the shopping later will wake me up, though most probably it will! Ciao!

March 25, 2006 @11:30 PM

Ok, for those who are interested in getting a pair of Birkenstock, I bet you have an idea of how much you can save when u buy online and in bulk. Heh. Here's the deal!

Lets get a few friends and buy Birkenstock together!

Check out these 2 sites, one is a forum discussing 'bout the Birkenstock online site which we are going to buy from, and the other is the online site itself:

1. SLS Forum

Please read the forum first to have a better idea of the website!


@10:37 PM

I hate myself for not being sporty from young. I have always opted for activities in the Arts and cultural side, which is kind of boring when I come to think of it now.

Before I entered Primary 1, I took up drawing lesson in a community centre. I remembered that by the time the teacher thought that I was good enough to draw using a paint brush instead of pencil, it was already my last lesson there. I told Mother that the teacher finally recognised my drawing and I had "promoted" to using paint brush the next lesson, but Mother said I'd be busy with my school work once I enter Primary 1. That explains why I'm better at drawing stick figures to date.

When I was in primary two, Mother said I should learn abacus to improve my mathematics. It took me quite some time to advance from Grade 10 to Grade 2 (Grade 1 being the highest level). Then one day, I told Mother, "Ma, teacher say must show working, cannot use mental calculation."

For the last 4 years in my primary school, I joined the Computer Club and later, Chinese Cultural Club. I've learnt how to format a diskette and type lots of words in the shortest possible time, that's all I can remember. As for CCC, I only remember myself reciting Chinese poems. My classmate told me that I could have been the chairperson for the Computer Club if I had not left for CCC. Those were the days.

So far everything takes place indoors. NO SWEAT, NO SUN.

On the CCA selection slip in Anglican High, my first choice was Concert Band, followed by the Guitar Ensemble and Chinese Drama Society. No sports, not at all. Not even a single uniform group. And so I spent my 4 years playing the guitar.

I enjoyed playing captains' ball during PE lessons, though more than often I failed to defend for my team. In upper sec, I often think how great it'd be if I was a netballer and I envy their tanned legs and swift movements. I also love the feeling of being able to run faster than most of the other girls in my class. I'm not saying that I'm the fastest runner, but I'm confident to secure a place in the top 10 (I wasn't from sports class, that's why top 10 no prob la! haha!) However, even till then, the idea of doing sports during my free time had not come across my mind.

I wouldn't have appealed into TJ through Guitar Club if not for my lousy prelim results. How I wish I could have chosen anything else but not the Guitar Club again. Yes, though there may be advantages like being more experienced in concert preparations and know more about playing the guitar, I still hope to try out something different, like squash or entrepreneur club.


It was during my 1st 3 months in JC that I started to take interest in sports. Being in 30/04, where people either don't turn up for PE or walked when we were told to run, I was known to be the fastest runner in class, because I chose to run and not walked, and Grace Khoh likes to challenge me. It somehow boosted my morale in running, though I know I'm not in anyway faster than an average runner. Gradually, I enjoy running. I always think of the calories I'll lose with every step I take, and it was a great motivation to keep me going.

I was introduced to Amore by my cousin in early 2004 and I fell in love with step aerobics ever since. The kind of satisfaction I get when I endured the entire workout was enough to make my day. I love to sweat and get muscle aches because these means that I've worked that muscle group and some calories have lost!

Now I love doing sports. Not of all kinds, especially water sports, coz I simply can't swim. The best way to kill me would be to dump me into the sea and I'll just die there, quick and easy.

I began reading SHAPE magazine right from their first issue in Sg. The toned and tanned models in the mag make me drool. I may sound like a lil' pervert here, but I really admire those ladies with well-toned arms/legs and a tanned body. How sporty and healthy they looked! I don't care if those pictures were photoshopped, I just want to look like them!

If only I was exposed to more sports in my early childhood, I'd have become more sporty and perhaps much more tanned than I am now. I wouldn't have to make time for tanning sessions and throwing money at gym. It'd be so nice, at least for me, if I were to be toned and tanned naturally along the way and not start to get toned and tanned at the age of 18.

Argh. Now I know what to do with my kid in the future!

March 24, 2006 @10:06 PM

DID YOU HEAR thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??

The sales for NATAS 2006 in the first 2hrs after the fair commenced was already more than the TOTAL sales of NATAS travel fair 2005!

I WANNA GO NATAS FAIR! Muahahaha! If the promotion there is really so good, there may be another overseas trip after the upcoming Hong Kong! Woohoo!

Yes, I can continue dreaming... ... ... ...


Singapore Fashion Week is here again! How i wish I can make time to catch the fashion parade at Ngee Ann City =(

Chand said I can find my umbrella in Chinatown! Yes, of all places, C-H-I-N-A-T-O-W-N! I wanna check it out there!

I've learnt from the SLS forum that I can get my digital weighing machine from Meidi-Ya supermarket from Liang Court! Can I fly there too?

Aaaaargh, I hate to work on weekends!


Oh. I just bought a Honey Cleanser Foam from Ottie (a Korean brand =) I'm biased =) ). I really hope I won't find it too dry for my skin! I wasn't really pleased with the Fancl one coz it is kinda troublesome and I don feel much difference after using it. It comes in powder form and u have to wet a given foam ball, roll it in your hands with the powder, squeeze out the foam and then apply it on ur face. lei-zhey lah.


Less than 3 more issues to go! Hip Hip hurray!

March 22, 2006 @11:30 PM

1. The Body Shop's limited edition fragrance - Spring Orchid has a very sweet and pleasant scent. Worth trying for a 30ml ($21.90) bottle. They come in only 1 size anyway, coz they are LIMITED EDITION.

2. Paid 10 bucks to be TBS member for a year. Feel free to borrow my card n make full use of it if u r going to TBS.

3. I'm addicted to selling stuffs at eBay. heh. Check out user tingism. Start bidding and I'll be even happier :)

4. I've been an active member at the Shopping lifestyle forum recently. Life's too boring these days.

5. I haven't buy any digital weighing machine. gonna drop the idea soon. yeah thats me, but i'll still be very happy if anyone wants to buy one for me :)

6. I need money. Lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$.

7. I've got the facial washing powder sample pack from Fancl. Hope its as gd as they say in SLS forum. The Face Shop cleanser sucks.

8. Rate of going to the gym has improved significantly over the past 3 weeks. Thats good, coz I have paid for the nest 3 months.

9. I'm shortlisted for an interview at SMU on 31st Mar. Father opposed to the idea of going SMU. whatever la huh, im just so used to this opposition party.

10. Last week, Roy told me to watch DORM with them this wk. This wk, every other guy had booked in, happily leaving Gina, Roy and me. So now what? I bet Im going to miss the show. Roy always have brilliant ideas, and Gina will agree.

11. I wanna make roller-blading a hobby. It can be part of an exercise regime and good way to tan too, but who's free to go with me on a weekday afternoon?

12. YES! I'm leaving my current job after April. I'll then have my weekends back! I hate it when ppl give me those huh-why-u-work-here or huh-why-u-do-this look whenever they ask me which job Im holding now. It as if my job is that embarrassing.

13. The Five People You Meet in Heaven is a good read. Gonna get the other 2 - Tuesdays with Morrie and The Curious Inccident of the Dog at night-time too.

March 18, 2006 @12:30 AM

Check out this upcoming 3G Sony Ericsson handphone - K800i !!

It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, built-in xenon flash and image and video stabilizer function!

1. The unique thing about this feature (BestPic) is that 4 of the resulting images were shot immediately before the camera key is pressed to complete the shot, and 4 immediately after. Pick the best. Delete the rest.

2. K800i eliminates red eye and the camera stabilizer function compensates any small movement of your hand when you’re taking a picture and shooting video.

That is so cool! I bet it'll be super expensive!

Anyway, I'm quite disappointed that another 2 upcoming models, W950i and M600i, have excellent functions like 4GB flash memory (~4000 songs!) and touchscreen navigation respectively but without digital camera capability. Boo.

March 16, 2006 @12:21 AM

Its just a thin line between friends and foe. When friends get on my nerves, especially good friends, I will start wondering why do I treat him/her as my good friend. You can imagine the kind of disappointment or anger when the one you are talking about happens to be a good friend of yours. Ironically, why/how/when would your good friend pisses you off? They are supposedly to be YOUR GOOD FRIEND - the one who wouldnt backstab you, the one who listens, the one who understands, the one who helps, the one who shares SELFLESSLY.

Is it a problem with girls, or is it a problem of human nature?

Its no wonder why people say good friends are hard to find, and probably one is enough. I think its true, because even one is hard to come by.

Though sometimes I seem to be MIA or "buay on" for late night gatherings and Malaysia trips, you know I do cherish the friendship. We might not have the same frequency all the time, but we are there for each other everytime. Thats why I love u guys =)

You were there to ans my late night calls and answered my questions on applications with great patience even though you were about to slp. I just love that selfless you =)

Uh. I feel much better now, thinking of those truely good friends I have... Thank you all, I'm sure you know who u are =)

March 10, 2006 @10:58 PM

We took less than a week to decide, plan, discuss, agree, book, confirm and pay! Such efficiency is made possible with JetstarAsia's online booking! We love it~


4/4/06 - 7/4/06
Hong Kong, here we come!

March 08, 2006 @11:00 PM

blardy pissed off with selfish people

but I have to 忍.

blardy irritated by liars

but I have to 忍.

blardy turned off by that stupid driver

but I have to 忍.

what a blardy fed-up day.

March 06, 2006 @12:15 AM

Check out the new section "From New Bugis Street" in the right column! The websites listed there are 3 shops you can find in the New Bugis Street (a.k.a Bugis Village) selling t-shirts, shoes and ladies fashion respectively. Here's my favourite:

Give me back my SUNDAY

I love the t-shirts from this shop mainly because I support local designs and the tees are really affordable. Besides, Singapore has such a rich t-shirt culture that this casual wear became a good investment since it will never be outdated. The Sunday Shop has a wide range of designs and are all in limited stocks, so don't worry that you'll see your "twin" few streets away! If you are lucky to see the designer on your visit, he'll probably explain to you the hidden meaning in those designs. Check out their new series - spiral, rain, fabric luck etc. I've just bought the RAIN tee (brown) for only $15! There are also Couple tees available as they have the same designs in both the men n ladies size. Each design comes in 4 to 5 different colours that will difinitely go well with any bottoms! Recently, they have opened another outlet in the same place, making it 2 in New Bugis Street. This surely says something about their business eh? During my first visit last year, the auntie told me that the designs were done by her son out of pure interest. In fact, her son owns an eatery nearby. For those who don't know me well, people like her son will never fail to win my admiration and support! Go, Go, Mr Ng!

Tip: Remember to bargain! The more you buy, the cheaper it costs!

Do check out their website for new designs! You may wish to upload a photo of yourself in a SUNDAY t-shirt and participate in their Sunday Gallery Contest!

March 03, 2006 @10:48 PM

Catch MANHUNT 2005 at Eastpoint Mall!

Dates: 3, 4, 5 and 16 March
Time: 7 p.m.
Venue: Eastpoint Mall Atrium

Oh boy, there were 19 hot bods today (-.<)

March 01, 2006 @8:34 PM


I didn't do as well! Not Again! But no worries, life is not just a piece of paper with those few alphabets! I should be glad that I didn't quarrel with my dad about s-t-u-d-i-e-s this time round! Hohoho! And I bought my lovely crescent straw bag for ZERO $! teeheehee~

Its not a matter of life and death, there's better things on Earth for me to brood over. I shall rejoice, for I've endured the entire journey! I'll never forget those 2 years {>_<} Whatever will be, will be!

Time to move on!!
Go, Go, Jiayou!

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