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August 20, 2006 @1:04 AM

Lines lines lines and more lines. They drove me nuts last week! Nevertheless, I still love what I'm doing now :)


Before I forget, lemme show u my chocolate cakes! I baked them on the last weekday before sch starts! Yay! I finally baked something before Uni starts! I made some jellies last Sat too, but I forgot to take pictures of them. I think the jellies were more successful than the cakes haha! It is so much easier to make jellies than cakes!

yeah yeah, dumbo me wanted to act smart n make layered cakes but ended up having the cake in pieces! I wanted to make cheese icing but i don't know why it came out too sweet instead of cheesy!

And so I forget about the icing and the layers and made a normal choc cake :)

[ PS. / photos in previous post edited]

August 14, 2006 @10:00 PM

So Im in studio group 4 together with Zichao, Richard, Di Sheng and Qingling! We are really lucky to be in the same grp again after Portico '06. We did line drawing today. Before you think "why so dumb", lemme tell you the beauty of lines. We had to rotate our pencils while drawing straight lines so as to keep the lead sharp all the time. Oh by the way, we were told to use blades to sharpen our pencils, sharpeners are a no-no. Save me.

Anyway, we had to do 4 line drawings, each on a A3 paper and then present them all 4 on a piece of A1 Kent paper. What the hell is Kent paper. I only have cartridge paper, sketching paper and watercolour paper!

The presentation requirements are very vague. We can present them in any way we want, but I hrd from seniors that Erwin is very particular about the layout, like where you put your name, matric n studio no. Like, huh? For the line drawings, we had to do twice. Once in pencil and the other exact same thing in Rotring pen -_-"

The other homework was to draw a space using lines, between 2 objects. This one is even more vague! ANY 2 OBJECTS! Meaning it can be 2 lines? 2 people? and SPACE?! How the hell are u going to draw S P A C E?! We had to write a quotation and relate it to our space too. Writing is no easy feat. We had to draw grid lines and even spacing to write those words.

Best of all, all these have to be handed in by Thurs, 4pm! I don't even have a complete set of tools yet! *scratch*scratch*head*scratch*again*

my A3 cartridge paper

some of my tools - clutch pencil, kneaded eraser, scale rule, fixative spray, board clips.

my 12 pencils!

At dunno which pt of time in studio, Richard took my hp n snaps ard...

mohawk Ivan n hardworking Michelle!

Richard n mohawk Ivan again...

Qingling n Michelle discussing what paper to use

Me repeating Erwin's words to Leonard. KPO Zichao eavesdropping!

Shucks! I can't see my linesssss!!!!! Argh!!

Save me! Ivan calls me a geek. Bleh.

August 10, 2006 @1:22 AM

Dear Students,

Kindly note that you would be required to bring the following materials for the sketching classes that would start next week

Materials for Sketching Classes:

- Pencils x 1 box of 12
- Eraser x 1
- Fixative Spray x 1 small can
- Drawing Board x 1
- Sketching and Watercolour Paper x 1 book of A2 size
- Board Clips x 4

in addition, there would be a 1 week watercolour classes that would be scheduled in the week of January (1 week before the start of Semester 2). Below are the materials required for the watercolour classes

- 18-Colour Watercolours x 1 box
- Watercolour Brushes x 1 for each size (large, medium
and small)
- Large Watercolour Flat Brush x 1 of 1.5 inch width
- Brush-rinsing container x 1
- Palette (for at least 10 colours) x 1

You can purchase these necessary stationery from ArtFriend (they have branches in Takasshimaya and Bras Brasah Complex). According to sources, you will be given free ArtFriend membership (for discounts on items) when you notify the store that you are Architecture or ID students from NUS.

Best Regards
LIM Hwee Lee
Adminstrative Officer
Department of Architecture

August 09, 2006 @4:56 PM

I had been rather busy with school stuffs recently, like SDE orientation, Matriculation Fair, rag, flag, Freshmen Inauguration Ceremony (FIC), bidding of modules and some talks. Of course, I went back to my hall and stayed for 3 nights to date =x

Not bad la, I know more neighbours now and I think things will get better when school starts. Did I mentioned that Jiawei illegally stayed over in my room one night? OOPS, but its pretty fun! ;)

Anyway, Corbu only went for the first day of SDE orientation as we were only interested in those important talks. I was over the moon when I met Corbu! Its like seeing long lost friends and I love everyone of them! For the past few days we've been meeting up quite often for rag preparation, flag day and talks. I enjoy going for rag and making new friends! A pity I left Dance but I think the floaters are nice people too!

I signed up for blading/skating course and ARCHERY at the Matriculation Fair. I am very serious about the latter! I intend to run for the committee because I'll be given a PERSONAL BOW for that! HA! THAT'S ULTRA COOL LAH! Imagine hanging the bow on the wall in my future hse... MUAHAHAHA! As for blading course, I signed up tgr with Corbu but I am also genuinely interested to learn more blading/skating stunts. Well, bitsies may be going for Voices (a club that sings mainly Chinese pop songs) audition, hee. Maybe lah, try try play play only lah. Oh, I also gave my name to MUNCHIE MONKEY, a cafe in NUS. I hope I can work part-time to earn xtra cash during my term of study in NUS. Of course, I seriously doubt I'll have the time to participate in so many activities! Aki still come FIRST!

FIC was grand. All the guys looked smart and the girls were pretty ladies. The speech by the President of Student Union was quite inspiring and it made me think quite a bit about the life I wanna lead in NUS. As cliche as it may sound, I believe in no risk, no gain. I really hope I will not leave NUS with regrets...

Oh! Im starting school real soon! I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START! I am so looking fwd to all my modules! I want to know what I'll learn in Sketching Class, whether I'll really be drawing lines and learning how to hold a pencil; what will be going on in Design Class; the field trip to ZOO entrance and Mt Emily; the presentation on COLOURS and so much more! I simply find all my modules so interesting! I WANNA KNOW MY STUDIO MATES!! I'll be having a Model building workshop tomorrow and my Sketching Class will start next wed. Thank goddess I have Michelle with me in Sketching class! Hurray! Aki rocks!!




phew, super long post today. the next entry shd be quite sometime later I guess...

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