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January 28, 2007 @9:21 PM

You gotta catch this romantic flick by Full House producer Pyo Min Soo! Starring :

Kim Rae Won (from Love at Harvard, My Love Patzzi etc)

and pretty pretty Jeong Ryeo Won (from My lovely Sam-soon, My boyfriend is type-B etc)

January 22, 2007 @12:47 PM

With an A2 size model in hand, Im cabbing to sch in 30min time!

The weekend passed fast like lightning. Once again I failed to follow my schedule but at least I've completed everything I need to show today.

Oh crap.

Actually I could have completed everything, but once I know I have finished all the things due today, I began to slack!

Erm, maybe not.


I hope the weather today will be good enuff for a site visit. HEH. Then we can all head down to town! Machiem primary school excursion, hehe!

To design a boat station along the 30m stretch fronting Zouk.
How cool is that?! Wooohooo!

January 18, 2007 @8:49 PM

Qingling n I came up with a new table table for ourselves this semester.

Monday - Thinking day
Studio assignments givn out every Monday. When sesison ends at 6pm and with 75% of my energy depleted, all I can do is to put on my lil' thinking cap for the assignment at the end of the day.

Tuesday - Library day
Once my concept is sorted out (which means die die i must sort out by tues), I need to do research! More than often the books in Central Library are already on loan by then, thus catch me at NLB.

Wednesday - Sleepless day
Lets face it. The next step after thinking n research will be HANDS ON. Models and A1 panels, anything you say. Countdown to submission: 24hrs.

Thursday - Dooms Day
I'll probably have <5hrs of sleep this day. Continue cracking till i go sch, taking cab if necessary.

Friday - Finally a happy day
Phew. Though there is surely re-dos or room for improvement in the work submitted yesterday, I think I gotta have a brk b4 I start the race again. A few hrs outside sch/home will be greatly appreciated. When the need arises, I'll probably need to put on thinking cap again at night.

Saturday - Try to have a happy day
Give me a life! More than often I'll still have to spend a few hrs on aki stuffs - visiting the library/Art Friend/SAM/Site visit etc before/after "lively activities" like shopping/catching up with friends/singing etc.

Sunday - Prepare for Monday day
Time to sit down and get ready for the next day. Things to prepare include quality information/research concerning next assignment, new A1 panels and/or models.


I took cab to n fro school today. freaking 30 bucks gone on transportation in one day. Cabbed to school coz I only completed my work 30min before studio session began. Cabbed home coz psychoed by Ivan! Rainy day, models, tiredness blah blah blah.

I don't really fancy my current studio master - JuMeng. I really miss Erwin n ex-studio 4! Things just cant be so lucky for me all the time.

It rained cats n dogs on our way to site visit today so JuMeng made a U-turn back to sch. Lucky me took his car if not i'll be spending more on transportation today. Thus we had to do our own site visit b4 Monday.

Esplanade here I come!

After site analysis I'll have to design a boat station there. Sounds exciting n challenging. Im looking forward to it, but....


I can really whine on n on n on...

So tired.. My thumb n middle finger on the right hand have been numb since the morning. My first experience of having numb fingers the entire day. I guess it was a result of putting too much force on the acrylic cutter last night.... -____________- """"

Numb fingers I have now. Haha........

January 15, 2007 @1:10 AM

Its been a eons since we last met. I miss them so much! Though its a pity that we couldnt spend a longer time together, I had a great time laughing with them =)

Boy, how I miss Roy's and David's singing!! Jacky and Jackie are back! wahaha. Lun had great improvements too. His dunno what Li Sheng Jie song was stunning, hahaha! As for Ivan, he is still trying to differenciate 会 and 曾! Gina as usual la, A*Mei's her style man!

But but but... there was a guest today!

I thought Roy and David were the best male voices I have heard (given the very limited no. of guys willing to sing!), but JOHN proves me so wrong! No wonder Gina brought him along today laaaaah! I've seen through u, Gina! LOL

Awwww. 菊花台 and 爱错 is unforgettable can!

But don worry Gina, LeeHom's still my cup of tea. Wahahhahaa! LEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!

Aye. They are the only guys who has worse mike hogging habbit than the girls! mike hogging. controller hogging. Eeeeew.

I can't wait to see them again this new year!!! WOoohoooO!

January 13, 2007 @12:55 PM

teeheehee~ My latest infactuation with cartoons! May I present

Isn't she kawaii ??
She has a boyfriend called Water Melon!
Best of all...
She was Made in KOREA!!!

Visit Dalki's World for FREE colourful wallpapers, MSN pictures and Screen Savers!! Woohooo! I have new wallpapers now!

January 07, 2007 @5:16 PM

I think I need at least 6 months...

for my hair to barely touch my shoulders
for my hair to grow thicker
for my hair to resume its rich black color.

6 months is all I need.


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